PNC Creations: Mother & Daughters Gifting Memories ‘Round The Clock


Do you remember as a kid when you used to make those best out of waste products for a school project? I remember making a pen stand out of a cardboard box. But well, my creativity skills were nothing in front of what PNC Creations makes today. They are a sustainable brand based in Jaipur who make the most creative & beautiful artworks out of used products.

The Perfection – Pinku (Indra Tater)

Indra Tater is the founder of PNC Creations, and the mother of two lovely daughters, Nidhi Tater & Chhavi Tater. Indra is a home-maker but she also has an interest in artwork & is helllla creative. While exploring this interest, she started to make handmade crafts out of used bottles. She keeps levelling up her skills all the time by making pistachio and quilling art. Now, she & her daughters, make a lot more sustainable art pieces like gift items, keychains, pendants, phone covers, and resin & geode clocks. 
Indra is an amazing & inspiring businesswoman, she’s also a great cook. Yes, you’re thinking it right, she is a superwoman!

PNC Creations Sustainable Brand

The Natural & Noble – Nidhi

Nidhi Tater is the elder daughter of Pinku/Indra Tater, and she is one of the core members of the team of PNC Creations. Nidhi did her BA honours in Psychology and currently she’s doing her M.Sc. in Human Development. Nidhi is an enthusiastic, adventurous, and an innovative individual. As a part of her business with her sister & mother, she makes jewellery items, gift items, and geode & resin clocks.
The Furmama, Nidhi Tater has a love for dogs as well. When Nidhi is not busy in making artworks at PNC Creations, she is busy taking care of fury creatures around her neighbourhood. Nidhi’s love for dogs doesn’t just end at having her own pet dog. Instead, she gives her love to all those dogs that are around her. 
Everytime a street dog scares me, I only think of Nidhi.

PNC Creations Sustainable Brands

The Creative & Charming – Chhavi

Chhavi Tater is Nidhi’s younger sister & the finance manager of PNC Creations. All businesses need to keep a check of their finances and Chhavi is the one who does that here. She easily remembers all the costs for raw materials, ingredients, craft items, etc. Currently, she’s doing her BBA and she also enjoys writing and reading. She ensures that they make aesthetic & beautiful crafts but also keep the wastes to a minimal or zero level. Moreover, for her, the work isn’t when the product is, she makes sure that the packaging for all the products look equally beautiful as the product inside. There is no doubt that Chhavi is a multitasker!

Chhavi while looking at anything craft worthy while packagingYe Bhi Theek Hai!

PNC Creations Sustainable Brand

Making of PNC Creations

The eco-friendly brand PNC Creations was started during the Covid-19 pandemic. When the pandemic hit the world & everyone was in the lockdown, Pinku Tater decided that she wants to do something that could make use of this free time. She started using old newspapers and used bottles to make art out of them. At that time, it was just a hobby of the mom until, the daughters got involved as well. Soon, all three of them thought of more creative ways to use waste products to make beautiful & meaningful art pieces. They started making quilling designs for birthday cards, pistachio arts, and clocks. From then on, they tried to make geode & resin clocks as well.

Sustainable Art

Why PNC?

The impressive aspect of this brand is that they make their resin & geode clocks by using MDF (medium density fibreboard). MDF is a lot more beneficial than plywood as it has a smooth surface. This means that the products that customers get from this brand are safe from getting cuts or splinters. But safety is not the only thing that the brand thinks of while making their products. All their products have a touch of personalization in them. When they make a geode clock, they add the pictures of the customers (as per request). As a brand, they try to beautify the nostalgic memories of their customers.

Look at them now!

During lockdown, they would only make products for their closed one, family members & friends. Gradually when the lockdown was over & everyone’s lives resumed, PNC Creations started making & selling their products to the general public. Their products range from ₹30 to ₹7,000. In October 2022, the brand held their first exhibit in Clarks Amer, Jaipur. The exhibit allowed the founder & her daughters to interact with people, display their products to a wider public.

That day was surely the one that they’d want to frame & always keep it in their memories.

The Sustainable Factor

When it comes to making their products, Indra & her daughters ensure that they make them environment friendly. Additionally, they also make sure that they use everything that they have with them & not let any of the materials go to waste. For them, even a small piece of paper could be useful. 

PNC Creations believes in being subtle with their work. Using too many packaging items is unnecessary so they keep it simple by expressing their thanks to their customers. But but, that does not mean that they do not make efforts. A lot of businesses give fast results but they fail on maintaining the product quality, PNC doesn’t do that. They take time making their products so that the quality is maintained, and the customers feel happy.

The PNC Creations Philosophy

PNC Creations is a small brand & they are still exploring and improving at making their art. All they want to do as of now is to just keep on doing what they are doing & that is, beautifying nostalgic memories by making equally beautiful products. The brand owners do not want PNC to be a part of the bread & butter race, they want to enjoy the process as of now. For them, delivering on the expectations of their clients is more important. While making their products, they do make sure that they get all the details & designs right. When they pay attention to these particulars, the client satisfaction is guaranteed. 

As a businesswoman who has just started, Indra Tater aka Pinku believes that in businesses, making mistakes is an essential part of business, all that you have to do is learn from them, & keep making your art!

Their 2 Cents to Women in Business

The time for you to start exploring your creative side is now!


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    Jim Halpert July 6, 2023

    Have known Nidhi for years now. She is a hardworking, passionate and caring young woman. Her love for animals portrays her compassionate nature. It makes me proud that I know someone who actually cares about people and animals who doesn’t really speak human.

    Best Wishes

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