BTS is now one of the most famous brands all around the world. The majority of fans are teenage girls. As one of the most famous and with some hottest members, the band is continuously working towards growing more.

Now, BTS is so famous every company tries to collaborate with them so that their reach can be high. And the boyband already collaborates and sponsored by so many brands. The boy bands’ majority of the audience is teenage girls. They collaborate and get sponsorship from such brands which can influence the Teenage mind.

Brands X BTS

Since the stating, they have managed to grow more and more and they are lucky by getting collab and sponsorship that helped them to reach out globally. So, let’s list down some brands with BTS collaborated:-

BTS collaboration list - Ye bhi theek hai

Food and Beverage

When it comes to food and beverages BTS collaborated with Baskin-Robbins, McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Starbucks Korea, kloud (a beer company), and many other Korean brands. These are just food and beverages brands with BTS collaboration or get sponsored but there are tons of Korean brands also with which the boy band has collaborated.


BTS has collaborated with Hyundai. This is the biggest sponsorship with the company and they are an ambassador of SUV, Palisade. BTS also produces brand music for the company, Hyundai. Also in this year, it was announced that BTS will be collaborating with formula E. The brand has released two commercials one traditionally and another is in which the brand is announcing the beginning of the season.

BTS- ye bhi theek hai

Samsung x BTS

When it comes to smartphones the Korean bands collaborated with Samsung and LG. When it comes to Samsung they are the ambassador of S20 editions. They have also collaborated with Casetify, and it is especially for their single, Boy with Luv. You can find some funky and fancy mobile covers and airports, watch, and bags but this is only for iPhone.

Clothing brands collaboration with BTS

The Korean band collaborated with so many clothing brands. Reebok, Puma, and New Era. In June, they collaborate with New Era. And their new collection is released which is mostly sold out. It includes hats, shirts, and many other things and international fans can only buy these online but if you are in Korea, you can shop at New Era stores.

In 2018, they collaborated with Reebok and launched BTSedition shoes. Reebok has stopped selling the BTS edition but you can find it on 3rd party websites.

And in 2015, they collaborated with Puma. In 2018 they have been promoted from global spokesperson to brand ambassador and after that, they have signed many deals with Puma and have done some commercials with them.

The band keeps on doing something and always collaborating and sponsoring with some companies. In November, they have released their albums and now they are collaborating and shooting advertisements for companies like McDonald’s. If you know some companies that BTS has collaborated with and should be mentioned, comment down and tell us.

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