How Does The State Plate Bring Wholesomeness in One Bowl?


If you live away from your hometown, then; you can relate to the feeling of missing those snacks. Yes! Those snacks. The ones that are just available in your hometown. The ones that your hometown is famous for! There comes a time when you run out of your stock & think of buying alternatives. But wait, why go for those when you can have the original & authentic taste? The State Plate is the one platform where you can find that one snack! 

But not just one, there are many moreee! *cues dramatic music*

The State Plate- ye bhi theek hai

The State Plate is an India-based online platform that delivers original & authentic food for different states in India. You can shop by category & find Rajasthani, Gujarati, Bengali, and many more food items. You want snacks, staples, sweets, spices; they have it all! The State Plate’s food catalogue includes items like namkeens, kachori, chikki, & jalebi mix from acclaimed brands. You may browse the food items by going for a specific brand like Diamon. Jain Vijay, or Adukale.

Man, they’ve made it all so easy. I am drooling right now looking at all these snacks!

Started From The Bottom 

The State Plate quite literally started at the bottom when the founder, Muskaan Sancheti’s family ran out of their papad supply. As a Rajasthani, I can feel the pain. 

The Empty Plate  

During the Covid lockdown, Muskaan & her family members could no longer relish the authentic taste of Rajasthani papad. It was not easy to find the same snack in the city of Bangalore. The closest place they found the same papads was 15 km away from their house. It was a hassle to get papad delivered from so far away. 

You don’t need to be a Rajasthani to understand the depth of this situation. Just imagine if you could not find your favourite sweet or snack in the city you live in. It feels like a nightmare, right? 

This nightmare haunted Muskaan for quite some time. It was not an issue that Muskaan’s family was facing. Upon interacting with many people, she learned this is a common problem. Despite online platforms like Amazon and Big Basket, there was limited or no supply of authentic snacks & sweets. 

The State Plate 

Muskaan discussed this dilemma with a friend, Raghav Jhawar and, 

It was then they realized the need for a single platform that offers easy and convenient access to all such traditional products. The State Plate began! 

This unique brand takes people down memory lane, invoking feelings of happiness and nostalgia. The brand allows people to relish their favourite sweets & savoury items from their hometown. Hence, the brand’s competitive advantage is that they offer a diverse range of products from different states, all conveniently available on a single platform. Whether someone craves the taste of Marathi delicacies, longs for the flavours of Bengal, or desires any other regional speciality, they can easily order from The State Plate and have it delivered to their doorstep. 

The brand’s success lies in its strong connection with its community. They actively seek and embrace feedback, recognizing that it is the key to continuous improvement and customer satisfaction. This openness and receptiveness have earned them the loyalty of a satisfied and growing customer base.

The State plate- ye bhi theek hai

Now They Are Here! 

From their beginning in lockdown & Covid times, they have come very far. With their dedication & continuous improvement, Muskaan & Raghav successfully entered this market. Just two years into this journey, they participated in the reality show, Shark Tank India. 

Shark Tank Adventures

Before bringing their Plate to Shark Tank, they were already flourishing. However, they added more richness to their brand after it. Shark Tank proved to be a game changer for them as it came as an incredible opportunity. The exposure they received on the show pushed them to a new level of recognition. It helped them in becoming a household name on a national scale. From that moment, their popularity spread like wildfire, captivating the hearts and taste buds of people from every corner of India. 

It transformed into a well-known national brand, gaining widespread popularity across India. People from all corners of the country started recognizing and talking about our brand. 

 ye bhi theek hai

Crossing Waters, Going International & More 

The future looks bright for The State Plate as they aim to reach international markets. The brand has expanded its food services to many countries outside of India. They plan ahead to bring the taste of regional delights to customers in every corner of the world. 

People outside of India having Bengali Gobindobhog Rice – Ye Bhi Theek Hai! 😍

The State Plate- ye bhi theek hai

Well, building on the success of our existing range of packaged foods, they are taking a bold step forward. Soon, they will be introducing a delectable array of fresh food offerings! The new menu of The State Plate will include delectable food items like Indian sweets, kachoris, ghevars, and more! To ensure that every bite retains its true essence and freshness, they’ll deliver the delicacies with a shelf life of less than 10-15 days. 

Their 2 Cents for Young Entrepreneurs 

Take bold and decisive actions, but don’t be overly swayed by others to the point of neglecting your instincts; that is crucial. Engage in meaningful conversations with the elders, but always trust and utilize your intelligence and judgment.

The State Plate firmly believes that taking that first step is necessary! Once you’ve embarked on your journey, there’s no looking back – keep pushing forward in that direction. As vibrant young team players, it’s crucial to learn from experienced older people, but never forget to fuel your passion and know what you truly want!