Can We Share The Bill At Netflix Pop-Up Restaurant?


If you are not surprised seeing the news, then here is a Netflix Pop-Up Restaurant catering to you.
I have so many questions!
Can people share the bill? 
Should people expect a gift subscription of Netflix?
Can people expect new varieties of food? 
Moreover, can people see some celebrities in the restaurant?

Catering your hungry stomachs, Netflix is coming to the rescue. The Netflix Pop-Up Restaurant will open up in Los Angeles by the end of this month. If you’re thinking the same thing, what will I eat there? Well, you would be surprised to know, the restaurant will be serving dishes from their famous TV series. 

No, don’t worry, it is not diner food. 

For your dining experience, you will see the Netflix Pop-Up Restaurant menu with food featured from Netflix shows like, “Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend”, “The Chef’s Table”, and “Is It Cake?” 

Is it a cake? Is it a burger? Or, is is a burger inside a cake?

Furthermore, the Netflix Pop-Up Restaurant will have acclaimed chefs including Curtis Stone (from Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend), Rodney Scott (from Chef’s Table), Andrew Zimmern (from Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend), Ann Kim (from Chef’s Table), and Nadiya Hussain (Nadiya Bakes).

Moreover, You can also expect to see mixologists like Frankie Solarik, Kate Gerwin, Julie Reiner, and L.P. O’Brien from Drink Masters. 

Toh bhaiya appke khaane peene ka toh pura bandobast hai iss jagah! 

The Netflix Pop-Up Restaurant is named Netflix Bites and it will be opened at the Short Stories Hotel at 115 Fairfax Avenue. Furthermore, to make reservations, visit

Let’s see how Twitter is reacting to this news. 

Me to Netflix when my order gets cancelled – Kya Ye Bhi Theek Hai?


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