Bold Care Ad Campaign: Saath Nibhaana Sins  


Imagine yourself in your room, just lying down and watching Johnny Sins in action! And your father suddenly comes in!!!!! Wait, wait, wait you don’t need to get scared this time! It’s just an ad! Johnny Sins in the Bold Care Ad Campaign. By now, you must have already watched & probably rewatched that hilarious masterpiece ad campaign. It is a D2C brand that offers sexual health and wellness products like condoms, lubes, supplements etc. Owned by Rajat Jadhav, with 3 more co-founders, started in 2020, this brand has been in association with Ranveer Singh since around December 2023. Apparently, Ranveer is also a co-founder of the brand. If, by any chance, you haven’t watched the ad, play it now.

Oh, the joy of watching Sins without the feeling of being caught! 🙂

Singh and Sin- A Collaboration We Didn’t Know We Would Witness

Imagine the brainstorming session for this campaign “ Who should we get to promote our sexual health brand?”. Johnny Sins, who is probably seen more in action than a Marvel movie, with Ranveer, who is popular for his on-screen romance. The craziest collaboration ever. Just like that, a meme-worthy duo was born. It’s bound to be anything but boring. And the results? Everyone went crazy! How are people even able to come up with such ideas, man?

What made the Bold Care Ad Campaign go viral?

The campaign ad took over the internet as soon as it was rolled out because of its unique storyline it created with a pinch of family drama. The idea for the ad revolves around a daily soap opera, if daily soaps were this interesting, their TRPs would have been much higher. Because, of course, in an Indian home, a daughter-in-law discussing her sexual dissatisfaction in front of the entire family seems unimaginable. On top of that, the audience found Johnny Sins’ ironic characterization of a woman’s husband who has failed to satisfy her sexual needs to be hilarious and unexpected.

But you know what’s the most special thing about this campaign ad? The stereotypes it is breaking. The idea of adding humour to promote something that is considered a taboo subject is brilliant. Humour has the power to change the way people perceive things. And that’s what really got Bold Care all the attention.

Sexual health: A taboo subject in Indian society

In a society like ours, many topics are taboo and brushed under the carpet. Sexual health is, of course, at the top. In India, people are still hesitant to discuss their sexual concerns, particularly those related to their performance in bed, which has long been an offensive topic. This leaves many men and women suffering in silence, without seeking any help or even acknowledging the issue. 

So, here’s to Bold Care ad campaign for thinking out of the box and for promoting their brand in the most unique, dramatic yet hilarious way. And here’s to hoping for more open conversations about sexual concerns.

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