The United Nations has announced that India will soon be the world’s most populous country, beating China. Finally we beat them somewhere. This is not particularly surprising, as India has a high birth rate and a large population. But what does this mean for the country and its citizens? Let’s take a humorous look at India’s growing population Explosion.

India's Population- ye bhi theek hai
Population Explosion- A Stark Reality in INDIA

The Indian government is planning to launch a new population control campaign to try to slow down the country’s exponential growth. However, many people are skeptical that this will be possible, as the legal process in India is often slow.

India Takes Crown as Most Crowded Country

In fact, some pundits suggest that the government should simply accept the population boom and turn it into a national sport. Imagine, if you will, a country-wide competition to see who can produce the most offspring in a single year. It would be like the Olympics, but with more diapers and spit-up.

The increasing population of India shows how many unemployed people there are in India. They are not having any job other than having kids. Boys, you need to focus on getting other jobs as well, #iykyk

Despite this fact, the employed ones are also not happy in this populous country; we could say a pharmacist, you guys know what I m saying right? A meme could relate to that too,

India's Population- ye bhi theek hai
Sorry Durex, but the man forced me :p JUST KIDDING

But if the government takes steps to slow this exponential population growth, there’s no doubt that only these pharmacists will be the happiest. Condom companies will get opportunities to grow their business.

Keeping all this aside, if we ask our Indians how could we have control over all this then they would be replying with,” that wives should make pakoras and chai before men make their mood during rainy weather and learns our MantraYe Bhi Theek Hai while dealing with Wives.

India's Population- ye bhi theek hai
Ab ka karein Pradhan Ji.

Population Explosion

But among all the chaos, there is one bright side to India’s upcoming population boom: the potential for a booming baby industry. Think of all the new jobs that will be created in the diaper, formula and baby gear industries. And with so many babies being born, there will be a huge demand for babysitters, nannies, and day care centers. It’s a genuine goldmine for anyone looking to start a business.

OHHH! We forgot to discuss the really miserable problem. Being single in the most populous country. Guys, what could be more heart breaking than to realize that 1.4 billion people are around and you are still single? 

India's Population- ye bhi theek hai
Dukh Dard Peeda!

But keeping all that aside, it’s a serious issue and we should support government campaigns. You must have seen some slogans painted on walls like “ Do Bacche Hai Meethi Kheer, Usse Zyada Bawasir”. It must sound funny but that’s a fact and a deep issue to think over.

Check out all the memes on the Ye Bhi Theek Hai IG account!


There is a significant probability that by mid-2023, India will overtake China as the world’s most populous country. This has significant implications for India, as well as for the global community. While it presents both challenges and opportunities, such as increased demands on resources and a larger workforce, India needs to take steps to address issues such as poverty, inequality, and environmental sustainability in order to ensure a better future for all its citizens.


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