Vets Beware: ChatGPT Might Harm Your Job


In this Era where people complain that Google links every symptom to cancer, either its a headache or stomach ache, a heartwarming story has gone viral on social media, ChatGPT, the renowned language model, has saved the life of a dog by diagnosing a medical problem that even the vet couldn’t identify. So, now it is vets versus ChatGPT for real!

What exactly happened?

It all started when a concerned dog owner named Cooper noticed that his beloved furry friend, Sassy, was not acting like himself. Sassy had become lethargic, was not eating or drinking, and seemed to be in pain. Cooper took Sassy to the vet, but despite numerous tests, the vet was unable to determine what was wrong with him. He told Cooper that his furry friend is having a tick-borne disease and gave treatment according to it but then too his dog’s health was deteriorating day- by-day. So before moving to another veterinarian,

Frustrated and worried, Cooper gave a try to the internet for answers. That’s when she stumbled upon ChatGPT, the AI language model that is renowned for its vast knowledge and ability to answer almost any question. Cooper decided to give it a try and asked ChatGPT if it could help him diagnose what was wrong with Sassy.

To Cooper’s amazement, ChatGPT immediately identified the problem. It turned out that Sassy had immune-mediated hemolytic anemia (IMHA) but ChatGPT’s keen diagnostic skills had saved Sassy’s life.

" Vets Beware: ChatGPT May Take Over Your Job"- ye bhi theek hai.

Vets versus ChatGPT: What the AI Giant said about the event?

When asked about the experience, ChatGPT replied, “I’m just happy I could help Sassy and Cooper. It’s not every day that I get to use my knowledge to save a life, especially a furry one!”

The story has since gone viral on social media, with many pet owners expressing their gratitude for ChatGPT and its incredible abilities. Some even joked that they would be turning to ChatGPT for medical advice for their pets in the future, instead of the vet.

One Twitter user wrote, “If my cat ever gets sick, I know who I’m calling. Move over, Dr. Doolittle, we’ve got ChatGPT!”

Another user added, “I guess this proves that dogs really are man’s best friend, especially when they have a smart friend like ChatGPT to help them out!”

While the story is certainly a heartwarming one, it also highlights the incredible potential of AI and how it can be used to improve our lives and solve problems that we never thought were possible. Who knows what other amazing discoveries ChatGPT and other AI language models will uncover in the future?

As we see now AI is taking over all the things, AI took place everywhere, the common thought on this “Ye Bhi Theek Hai“.


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