Politics ke Khiladi: The Dramatic Indian Game of Thrones 


If you’re wondering whether you need to know the plot of Game of Thrones to understand this article, don’t worry, you don’t. You don’t because no web show or serial would come even close to the drama and theatrics of the Politicians of India Indian netas.

The rule that Indian Politics ke Khiladis go by – 

Politicians In India- Ye bhi theek hai

Indian Netas and their Nautanki are renowned at the global level. Every candidate asks for a fair chance, but none plays the fair game. Indian politics is the only game which has no rules but everyone wants to be the referee, by hook or by crook. 

If you’re a spectator who has watched Indian politics closely, you will enjoy this Indian version of Game of Thrones. Indian politics is full of political drama and controversies like none other. Whether small or big, every Khiladi is in a race to gain power – the power to change, control and dictate. 

Politicians of India cum Desh ke Sevaks as soon as they get elected to power – 

Politicians In India- Ye bhi theek hai

You will find the gameplay of puppeteering, blame games and games of side-changing, bluffing, favouritism and more. 

Indian Voters watching Netas change parties on the excuse of better morale – 

Ye bhi theek hai

Indian politics is all about survival – Survival of the most cunning. The Indian political drama is full of games and tactics of varying types. What makes it more interesting is that Indian politics has been full of hierarchy and family drama since the beginning. Discussed further are some games of power politics that our professional Sevaks play to get a seat on the throne. 

Sevak O Sevak, Kursi Kis Ki? 

As a result of power politics, several Indian Netas have changed parties playing the game of musical chairs. The trend notably started in 1967 when a politician of Haryana, Gaya Lal changed his loyalties three times within the same day. 

This act gave rise to the ridiculous slogan for this trend, which goes by – ‘Aaya Lal Gaya Lal’. 

Politicians joining the party-hopping trend, meanwhile Gaya Lal – 

Ye bhi theek hai

Me everytime I hear of a politician changing their party – 

Politicians In India- Ye bhi theek hai

Kyunki aapke contributions for ‘Desh ki Seva’ ab tak kuch khaas nazar aa nahi rahein philhaal toh. 

Recently, Rahul Narwekar and Makrand Jadhav Patil have been in the limelight for switching and changing their loyalties. 

Several politicians of India such as Shatrugan Sinha, Swami Prasad, Aparna Yadav, Harak Singh Rawat and several more participated in this trend. 

Sevak yaa Chor-Police? 

Indian elections are the most anticipated event in the nation. It is the time when parties are on their heels and the blame game begins. Here these politicians have little to do with Desh ki Seva than to be the Police accusing, proving and catching the opposition as guilty. In fact, several instances where politicians have united with

In such instances, while watching the heated debates between politicians on news channels, my mind is like – 

Ab Police ka kaam toh Police ko kr lene dein na mantri ji, 
Apna kaam kuch khaas sambhal nahi paa rhe aap aur dusre department mein bhi entry maar rhe h..
Agar do naav mein pair rakhenge toh doobna toh phir nishchit samajhiyegaa…. 
Aur jaha tak kaun chor h kaun nahi, uska faisla toh janta kr legi naa. 
Aap bas Seva krein Seva, 
Aap Chor ki tension kyun lete hainn!!

Bagal mein chura-Gali mein Dhindhora 

When politicians are playing the blame game, lots of times they forget to check their sides. Before throwing mud on anyone, it is essential to ask the question, did you fulfil your promises? 

Jab khud ke ghar sheeshein ke ho tab patthar fenkne se pehle yeh soch lena chahiye ki kahin aage jaa kar khud beghar hone ki naubat toh nahi aa jayegi? 

Aur phir yaha toh kuch logon ki kitni peediyaan – poora family tree hi politics se juda hota h… isliye ghar ko sambhalna aur bhi jaruri ho jaata h. 

Gade murde naa hi ukhadein toh behtar rhega….

Andho mein Kaana Raja 

Jab chunav galat aur bahot galat mein se krna ho toh seedhi si choice ho jaati h kam galat. 

Par aakhir kab tak? 

The Drama Must Go On…

There is still a long way before we can proudly say, we have achieved complete integrity and transparency as the largest democracy in the world. We need to raise our opinions and recognize the games that politicians of India, Indian politics ke Khiladi – our Netas play for the power of the thrones. Until then, we, as a nation, have been happily carrying on as a unit with our attitude of –

Ye Bhi Theek Hai, 

Woh Bhi 


Sab Theek Hai. 

Until next time, hopefully with a more woke and action-oriented mindset that benefits the nation as a whole. Do let us know, how you like this Indian version of The Game of Thrones in the comments. 


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