New Job Opportunity: Apply for Full Time Children


Full time Children? What? Well, if you think that you can get paid for just doing your household chores, you think it right!

Oh, you won’t believe the Chaotic trends coming out of China! It’s like they’re in a never-ending competition to outdo themselves with wackiness. These materialistic things could just be useful for 2 days but its virus and trends, they have simply an unbelievably long life. It’s like they’re creating space trash that just keeps orbiting the internet!

I can tell you more examples of China’s trends in reading and your reaction would be definitely like: Ye Bhi Theek Hai!

“Have you heard about China’s new trend that, it is on a roll with its high-speed trains? It’s like they’re saying, ‘Why take a stroll when you can reach the other side of the country before you finish a cup of tea?” I mean like seriously. Let us feel that we are on a train.

Also, did you see that China is sending rockets to space like it’s no big deal? They’re saying, ‘We’re just cleaning up our skies and sending our trash to space! Sorry, universe! 

China be like: Nothing is impossible for us except manufacturing quality products.

But, but, but, this was not enough. Now China is up with a new trend: “Full-Time Daughters” and “Full-Time Sons,” the generation that has found gainful employment under their parents’ roofs. Yes, you heard that right now adults are being paid by their parents for doing household chores.

Have you thought of washing dishes other than getting permission to have a trip with friends or to have a night out? But I am sure you must be thinking of doing it now but hold on it’s India. Here is nothing like being paid for getting household chores done. 

You have to do work either on your own or under the influence of a ‘flying chappal’.

#FullTimeDaughter and #FullTimeSon

In the ever-evolving landscape of social media, you never know what you’ll come across next. Over the past few months, the hashtags #FullTimeDaughter and #FullTimeSon have taken Chinese social media platforms by storm, leaving netizens both amused and puzzled. But don’t get too excited; it’s not about adults throwing tantrums or building Lego towers. No, no! It’s all about grown-up kids stepping into the roles of “professional helpers” within their families!

Remember the hilarious “Full Time Children” trend we talked about earlier? Well, it looks like they’ve taken it up a notch. These adult sons and daughters are putting on their superhero capes, ready to save the day by doing chores and being there for Mom and Dad.

Who needs the Avengers when you’ve got #FullTimeDaughter and #FullTimeSon to the rescue? Saving the world, one dishwashing session at a time!

“Parents be like: Ghar Me Chora Shehar Me Dhindora”

Lazy-But-Ambitious Youngsters

Oh, the dreams of us lazy-but-ambitious youngsters! Who needs a 9-5 grind when you can make bank from your snuggly haven? If only they paid us for every dish washed or sock folded, I’d be the mogul of South Asia, ruling with an iron spatula! Shares in top-rated companies? I’d own them all like a boss! And weekends? Forget partying, I’d be a Robin Hood, feeding the hungry. Move over, Bill Gates, it’s time for the mop and broom to bring fame and fortune!”


China never fails to surprise us with its weird trends and innovations! From high-speed trains that make sipping tea a race against time to sending rockets to space like it’s just another day at the office, they sure know how to make a statement on the global stage.

But the latest trend of “Full Time Children” takes the cake for both amusement and admiration. Who would have thought that adults could get paid for doing household chores? It’s like living in an alternate universe where laundry folding and dishwashing become heroic feats worthy of hashtags!

So, here’s to China’s quirky trends and their ability to add a splash of laughter and wonder to our lives. Whether they’re conquering the skies or cleaning up their homes, they remind us that there’s a little bit of space trash in every Chaotic trend. They sure know how to make a statement on the global stage!