How do my parents react to Bollywood movies?


Uff! What a wonderful topic, guys. Indeed. Some millennial and Gen Z Bollywood movies that your parents might have not seen. But as part of this amazing generation, you have loved these movies. But your brown parents are still more into Baghbhan and Kabhi Kushi Kabhi Gham. Let’s change views on Bollywood movies.
Let’s see how brown parents would react to these movies:-


What would brown parents will think of a feminist movie? My dad loves how Taapsee Pannu just straight away took that decision. That she will no longer be with that person who does not respect her. But as a brown mother still believes that it was just a thappad.

Thappad- ye bhi theek hai .

Even if it was thappad, as my brown mum said just thappad. I believe any sort of violence is not allow in any marriage even if it is by a woman. Why we create violence when we can love or can have a peaceful life? Shanti kisko pasand nhi. As in this movie, the views may differ a little but, my mum still believes that if someone disrespects someone, there is no point in continuing that relationship.

I also want to add that my dad said that “Hum toh Bachpan mein khoob Pitey hain hamare papa mummy se”, so you should be feeling lucky that we did not beat the shit out of you. Well, papa sab cheeze aapke around revolve nhi hoti hai!


Here we are with another feminist movie, and my brown parents are loving that our generation believes in empowering women. During their time, women have had been treated as just another character in movies, but today when women are getting the central role, and the story revolves around them it feels nice and, my family is loving it.

Pagglait - ye bhi theek hai.

So according to my parents, we need more movies that empower women and some more movies which show women can do anything they want. So, it’s 10/10 from my parents’ side.

 I guess parents understand that these movies are the future of the cinema, and they deserve more attention because women have been oppressed for many years, and, now if they are getting chances to show up, THEY WILL.

Serious Men

A story about a small boy who is not good in studies but his father portray him as one of the most intelligent boys in the world. The father pressurized the kid a lot and made him do all the things he wanted to do in his childhood but could not.

Serious Men- ye bhi theek hai .

You all know what would brown parents think of this. 

● Arey humney toh kabhi apne bachche Jo pressurize nhi kiya.
● Humara bachha toh humari hi sunta hai.
● Tu science le scientist ban arts Mai kuch nhi rkha!

These are some daily taunts you will hear in a brown family. So for brown parents, this is a movie that they cannot digest. But they still say that the acting of the Aakshath Das and Nawazuddin Siddiqui is adorable.


Oh My God! this movie is something that every Indian should watch, but the time the movie got released it created a lot of controversies, as expected. If every Indian would watch this movie…well I guess they will be just offended by it. Ram Ram!

OMG- ye bhi theek hai.

It’s really difficult to create a movie on God in India without getting someone’s religious sentiment hurt. During this time, every family is praying every day for their family, and this movie is just the opposite of what most people are thinking about doing right now.

As my brown parents do not think that God is just a stone in the temples and believe that this Bollywood movies does not stand to their standards. The movie is a great disappointment for them because Bhagwan hi Sab Kuchh hai.

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