Laugh-Out-Loud Burns And Epic Insults for Your Best Friends 


The best time of day is when the three friends go to a tea stall for Chai and Sutta and this session becomes nothing less than a dark roast session. To define the same, Shahrukh Khan has said that ‘IT IS THE BEST FEELING IN THE WORLD’. That place has a special attachment for us because we discuss our daily life problems or insult each other, forgetting all the problems. As we all know, if three friends sit together, then two of them group together and roast the third, and the best part is that it will come on you suddenly, but Ye Bhi Theek Hai. In a situation like this, you need to know about some smart-ass insults to bring back to that group. Here are some kickass insults that will make your humour sound like a mastermind like Ms. Dhoni, which will bring you victory in every situation of the match. It’s like having a secret weapon in your arsenal, always ready to deploy with a wit as sharp as a tack. Navigating through these friendly battles with laughter and clever comebacks makes these moments unforgettable, strengthening our bond even through the insults.

Funny Insults for Best Friends

Looks like your wit just got flushed down the comeback pipeline!

When someone’s contribution is as silent as the ‘p’ in swimming

Your smile must be a public service, because it’s making everyone laugh!

Seems like your brain’s firewall is so strong, not even facts can breach it!

Delightfully Fuc*ed up World of Friendship

Looking at you, ‘lead by example’ takes on a whole new meaning!

Your face is giving onions a taste of their own medicine!

Your look’s so unique, it’s like abstract art from my non-dominant hand!

Inventing new ways to have a silent conversation, I see!

Teaching moment! But remember, comprehension isn’t included in the lesson.

The ultimate ‘before’ shot, just waiting for an epic transformation!

Congrats on setting a new high score in the game of cluelessness!

If invisibility cloaks were real, you’d never have this issue!

Careful, contents may be more sarcastic than they appear!

Fascinating tale! I’m just keen to skip to the ‘silent’ epilogue.

Real Roast Mode for Best Friends

Seems like we’ve reached capacity, time to teleport back to your planet!

Just Waiting for Monkeys and chimpanzees to rule over us again 

Uncle and Aunty really love adventures.

Well, that’s a hopeful forecast for your family tree!


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