Atypical web series review: Why is it a must-watch?


During this pandemic, we have discovered that the only thing that can make us feel light and away from all this covid-19 situation is movies and web series. So, if you have finished your recent web series, and want to watch something that can cheer you up. Something which does not have much drama and a good to watch series, Atypical is something we recommend you.

Atypical is create by Robia Rashid. The show is American-based and, the IMDB review for the show is 8.3. The show is base, on a guy name Sam Gardner who is autistic. Atypical is a very decent cute family show and, you can also learn more about the Autism spectrum.

Atypical review- ye bhi theek hai.

What is Autism?

We have mentioned that the show on Autism, but many people do not know what Autism is? It’s a developmental disorder when the person isn’t able to communicate and interact properly. There is no cure for this disease but, therapies and treatment can help a little.

In the show, Sam Gardner has Autism and is unable to communicate properly. But as an 18-year-old teenager, he wants to do everything that everyone around him was doing. To fall in love, to be more independent, and to do his job just like everybody else. Sam’s struggle is very different because of Autism and, he is different from all the teenagers.

Even some loud noises can give him anxieties and, even a few things which are not going in his way can lead to a panic attack. So it’s not easy to live a life like Sam gardener.

Atypical review- ye bhi theek hai.

About the show

As the show revolves around Sam gardener, how he is trying to do all the things that all other teenagers were doing. In the show, you will see Sam’s younger sister and his father and mother, and his best friend Zahid. How they help him in every situation he faces. Sam connects everything with Antarctica and Penguins because he wants to go there and love that place because no people and more silence.

There are three seasons of a typical and, each season consists of 8-10 episodes which are filled with beautiful stories of how Sam tries to be a normal kid but with Autism. Many people don’t understand Autism, and in this show, Sam’s mother and father both tried to make people understand what Autism is and how people deal with it and how they struggle every day. How much it can be difficult for them to just around with some people and some random noises.

In one of the episodes, Sam said, most of the people I met don’t even try to get me. Well, people don’t even try to understand when it comes to mental health. If we don’t want to learn about anything, maybe we can just respect them.

As per sources season, 4 of atypical is on a halt because of the pandemic.

Atypical review- ye bhi theek hai.

About the cast

Here is a list of all the cast members you will see in atypical:-

  • Jennifer Jason Leigh as Elsa Gardner
  • Keir Gilchrist as Sam Gardner
  • Brigette Lundy-Paine as Casey Gardner
  • Amy Okuda as Julia Sasaki
  • Michael Rapaport as Doug Gardner
  • Nik Dodani as Zahid Raja
  • Graham Rogers as Evan Chapin
  • Jenna Boyd as Paige Hardaway

You can watch the series on Netflix. Sam tries to do all the things just like a teenager and eventually falls in love with a girl named, Paige and tries to be more independent in his life but Autism, always control him.

We understand it’s not easy for anyone to understand how Autism really makes someone’s life difficult and, there is no particular explanation or definition about it, that certain things can trigger certain people. But we all are learning so, let’s learn more about mental health and what triggers people.

So, now you have something to binge-watch this weekend and something to learn, maybe. Learn more on Yebhithikhai!


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