As teenagers, when we were going crazy over British Boy Bands, sufi never felt like a cup of our tea. However, with hard-hitting two-liner Shayaris taking over the reels on Instagram, consumption of this content started happening. From weddings to corporates, everybody now wants a sufi mehfil to add to the beauty. Listening to Mehfil by Vishal (MBV), a Sufi rock band, will further draw you towards the art and power of it.

So, how and why did these two bankers choose to change their careers & ride on the musical journey with their bands Guitara & MBV? Well, we believe, it is because God wanted all of us to be happy & heal. Here’s the story of this Multiverse by Vishal & Avinash!

Vishal – The Maven

इक हुनर है जो कर गया हूँ मैं, 
सब के दिल से उतर गया हूँ मैं 
By Jaun Elia

Before making his mehfil in the musical realm, this quote defined life & everyone’s perception of Vishal. As a banker, he was aggressive, power-driven & hardly stopped the hustle. He was doing quite well but he seemed to want something more out of life. He had an obsession and admiration for music & performing on stage. As the passionate energy inside him grew more and more, he decided to listen to the melodies of his heart. That was the moment that he started on the journey of making music. One interaction with him, & you’d be taken over by his voice, and passion and get energized like anything!

Avinash – The Magic

नाम गुम जायेगा, चेहरा ये बदल जायेगा
मेरी आवाज़ ही, पहचान है
गर याद रहे

One note from him & you are transported to a different world. Avinash has been a singer since childhood & is rigorous with his riyaaz. He & Vishal are childhood friends & their journey is still going. Their sur & taal makes a perfect harmony. He is the friend you’d need to balance & support your dreams, talent and aspirations. Also, he has a magical voice. Whether he is singing the Sufi classics like Aaoge Jab Tum or Elvis Presley covers, he excels it all!

Aaoge Jab Tum cover by Avinash Sharma
I Can’t Help Falling In Love cover by Avinash Sharma

The Musical Journey: Listening to the Calling!

Before the beginning of their musical journey with Mehfil by Vishal, both of them were doing successful banking jobs. Unlike we see in Bollywood movies, they were not (entirely) unhappy. A lot of skills that they have today are because of this career path. They did not leave their jobs because of some hurdles. Instead, all of it was going well, as well as it could go. But…like the Bollywood movies, they also had a Junoon & it was this passion for music, singing & performing that made them leave their jobs and get into the music industry full-fledged.


Guitara is the name of their first music project, this group was formed in 2013. Ever since Vishal was young, he had an obsession with guitars, they attracted him. Hence, the name Guitara. He learnt to play guitar but back then, playing guitar was just a hobby for him. However, the interest in guitars came back to him & this time, it was not just a hobby. 

Guitara started its journey in a small café in Jaipur. They were jamming with their band when they were approached by their first client. It was another café owner who was mesmerized by their musical talent & booked the band for their first gig. Their first performance went well, people enjoyed it, and this first gig opened the door for many future opportunities for them. From this first performance, they earned ₹2000, a note that meant more to them than any other they had seen as bankers.  

From 2013 to now in 2023, Guitara has performed at many venues, parties, and events. They have performed shows in cities like Jaipur, Kota, Alwar, Mumbai & more. 

Mehfil By Vishal

Mehfil by Vishal is the second creation of Vishal Kaushik & Avinash Sharma. After seeing Guitara’s success, in December 2022, Vishal & Avinash started a new project by the name of Mehfil by Vishal. With this project, they wanted to do something different. So, the main idea here was mixing the elements of the Sufi & rock music genres. There was no doubt that the results of this project would be anything less than wonderful. Cut to a few months later, their entire mehfil has successfully performed PAN India in many corporate events, concerts, parties, etc. 

Healing & Sufi

वो दिल की तेरे लिए बेकरार अब भी है, 
वो आंख जिस को तेरा इंतज़ार अब भी है।
~ By Faiz Ahmad Faiz

Mehfil by Vishal Sufi

When music made another entrance into their lives, their perspective towards life changed completely. Their personalities changed when they found Sufi music. They started listening to many Sufi artists, slowly they were becoming aware of this musical genre & its purity. For them, music had become a form of therapy as it helped them let go & transform and heal themselves. This healing happened to them with the magic of Sufi. Today, Mehfil by Vishal isn’t only a musical project for them, it is also a way for them to connect with themselves & their surroundings. 

Memorable Milestones of The Journey

In the short span of the musical journey, they have made it so big that they know they can dream big so, they have their plans set for the future of this journey. From 2016 to 2023, they performed in many shows. In 2016, it was only Jaipur where they performed their gigs. Slowly, they went to other cities & districts like Kota, Bhopal, Ajmer, Nainital, Pushkar, Gwalior, Beawar, &…there are many more to come. Another interest that Vishal wants to explore is podcasting. He & Avinash have been featured in the podcast, TGV Hindi hosted by Naveen Samla.

They also released their own song titled Mai Na Tera in the year 2022.

Experience the originality!

Their 2 cents for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Once you follow your aspirations, life is always going to be a roller coaster ride. Just keep doing your thing and let the universe do the rest!