Until Now…It has been a long three years since Harry Potter found out about his identity as a wizard. It happened due to the big, hairy figure, Hagrid, who barged in through the doorway, scaring the Dursleys. Harry heard the name Dumbledore for the first time- Goblet of Fire

A lot has happened ever since that incident. 

Little Harry has turned into the famous Boy Who Lived. Harry is the only wizard who has managed to delay Voldemort’s attempt at returning back, not just once but twice since he began his wizard learning at Hogwarts. Some of his recent acts of valour and ethical decisions include rescuing his Godfather and Buckbeak from Injustice. Becoming the one who truly deserves the Sword of Gryffindor in the Chamber of Secrets. All of this, with major support from his two friends, Ron and Hermione. 

Goblet of Fire- ye bhi theek hai
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2005)

The Strange Beginning: Fourth Year 

Today, over my second cup of coffee, I stared at the animated characters on the book cover titled: Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire. I observed the nervous yet confident Harry on the broomstick. He was sneaking towards the golden egg beside the dragon, Hungarian Horntail.  Without testing my patience anymore, I began reading. 

Goblet of Fire- ye bhi theek hai

The Potterhead Rants: Key Differences Between Book and Movie Adaptation  

Chapter 1: The Riddle House – I clearly remember the movie’s beginning. There was an old man, a snake, a door, a hissing sound, and a jet of green flash. It was so vague and short. The book gives such a proper explanation of who the old guy is, the conversation between Voldemort with Wormtail and Nagini. 

Even the death of the old man is so abrupt in the movie. In the book, it clearly says that after being invited inside the room where the Dark Lord lay in the chair, the old man confronts the intruders bravely. He is thereafter shot with the death curse. It did seem like a proper scene in the book, unlike the movie. 

Goblet of Fire Book vs. The Movie

It is The Privet Drive where Harry wakes up in the book. There are events of the Weasleys’ invitation and the dramatic entries of the Weasleys and so much more, all omitted. Instead, the movie portrays Harry as woken by Hermione at The Burrow directly, with no backstory at all. 

In the book, the lines read about the Weasley brothers popping out of the Dursleys’ chimney. And just as I was thinking that the Weasley brothers should use their mischief on Dudley, the next lines in the book read,

Dudley was no longer standing behind his parents. He was kneeling beside the coffee table, and he was gagging and sputtering on a foot-long, purple, slimy thing that was protruding from his mouth. One bewildered second later, Harry realized that the foot-long thing was Dudley’s tongue — and that a brightly coloured toffee wrapper lay on the floor before him.

The author knows what the readers would want exactly 

It is the forthright nature of the books that makes me adore them so closely. The feeling is something that every book reader cherishes. Mr. Weasley does set things right, after all, he was a member of the Ministry of Magic. It did serve the right to get back at Dudley for once in a while. 

And oh! The Dear Dear Ronald Weasley! He is put to so much shame, so much embarrassment! 

All because the moviemakers found it pleasing to see Ron’s confidence shatter down crumble. When? 

Remember the time when Ronald Weasley receives his oddly tailored ball dance robe in the movie? It was in a hall filled with students, who laughed hard at the plight of his attire. 

Goblet of Fire- ye bhi theek hai
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

His face and his confidence turn to wrinkles there and then. 

At least, J.K. Rowling portrays a systematic chain of events in this scene. As per the book, Ron is not suddenly presented with the attire at Hogwarts, in a hall full of students, the ball dress is presented to him at The Burrow by Mrs Weasley. 

Further, there are several other events that could’ve had notable contributions, had they been depicted. Take, for instance, the Quidditch match where the details of Veela and the mascots of both sides are shown. 

One of the significant omissions has been of the elves Dobby, Winky, and all other House-elves. Every part of these is omitted. As a result, every link of it with future references seems incomplete in the movies. 

The Contradictions: Flawed and Vague Character Development

One of the worst parts that completely contradicts the character build-up is Professor Dumbledore. When he asks Harry if the name in Goblet of Fire was put up by him, the manner of his asking is so flawed in the movie. 

In the book, Professor Dumbledore calmly questions Harry, unlike that in the film, where Professor Albus Dumbledore is seen pushing Harry against a table and aggressively questioning the same. 

And to know that Harry had seen his Godfather, Sirius, in person during the tournament. It depicts so much more warmth. Of course, why would the moviemakers care to showcase the buildup of a beautiful bond? 

Also, does anyone remember how Krum is shown in the movie? Almost insignificant and dumb? Well, the book pictures his logical and emotional side quite well. Nor is the fact of Hagrid is a half-giant revealed in the movie. With so many key differences, it officially rules out any possibility of Blast-ended Skrewts or Nifflers. 

The Missing Events and Their Outcomes on the StoryTelling

Professor Dumbledore is seen with Mr. Fudge, in the book, as the latter refuses to believe Cedric’s death is related to the return of the Dark Lord. Further, Harry gives all his winnings away to the Weasley brothers for their business venture. This clearly depicts the development of the next part. 

Goblet of Fire- ye bhi theek hai

Dear Movie makers, 
Why omit such important scenes and details? Why take the little fun out of the already messed lives of Harry Potter and his Friends?
The omission of Harry giving away his money means so many missing events. Events that show the power of trusting one’s belief, through the Weasley mischief shop, to achieve success. No scenes of Mrs Weasley being happy as the two gain fame through the success of their business. 

Sincerely: A Bibliophile

The Unhappy Ending 

Although once, there isn’t a Happy ending, as Harry Potter now knows much better than the one just fearing, has now become a reality. The worst part is, Harry is on the top of the Kill list of (Yes we will speak his name), Voldemort. This means that he and his friends at Hogwarts will have to be mature much before their age. They will need their own proper ways to protect against the dark forces, that will now be dominant. 

With Dumbledore at their side, the battle should be easy. 

But the question is, Is it? 

Until The Next Time

I will be back with more updates on what path will lay ahead for Harry Potter and his friends at Hogwarts. How long will the battle last, or is this a War cry? Time will tell us. Until then The advice to Harry Potter by the greatest known sorcerer and philosopher should be remembered,

“You fail to recognize that it matters not what someone is born, but what they grow to be!”

Albus Dumbledore To Harry Potter 

My dearest Muggle companions, you too remember this. It is what you grow out to be, not what you are born with. Be true and good, rest will take care of itself. And never fear the bad, it is they who are unjust, not you. Signing off on this Dumbledoreisque note until Harry learns our mantra – Yeh Bhi Theek Hai while dealing with the evil, dark forces.