Sex Toys For Beginners To Spice Up The Sex Life and Passion


Are you looking for ways to maximise the lifespan of Ooohs and Aaahs for your partner’s pleasurable intimate moments? It is high time you began opening up to the whole world of sexual pleasure and well-being. Sex can involve a whole lot of kinks, fetishes, and sexual desires. Ignite your passionate self by delving into the fantasy world with sex toys to see you and your partner(s) get the most pleasing moments in your bedroom (or any other room, iykyk)

For all those who are looking for unfiltered, raw sex & pleasure, If you don’t know how to delve into unexplored fantasies,

It is okay to make mistakes. As a penis owner, you can avoid many awkward mistakes if you’re prepared early on. The same goes for the vulva owners – preparing for some things can help prepare for avoidable moments and mistakes.

Dwindling Passion: Does Sexual Excitement Decrease in Long-Term Relationships?

Before we even begin our debate on how to begin spicing up sex and passion, it is essential to consider whether we can handle the spice or not. As per a study conducted in 2018, the mindset of the involved parties has a lot to do with the decay of passion during sex. The belief in the narrative of a dip in passion over time plays a more crucial role than the narrative itself. In other words, if you believe there will be a decrease in the spice, there definitely will be a visible effect of this belief in the form of dwindling interest in sex and passion, comparatively.

Well, one thing that vulva owners will confirm is that passion comes when a partner is ready to work for it. If you are passionate about your dear vulva owner, put your efforts into making her/them feel the same energy. It works both ways. Transform into Mr. Grey or Anastasia, preparing your partner for an afternoon of tantalizing pleasure-filled adventures.

Give your partner the foreplay that gets them excited for what comes next. If you do it right, get ready to splash into a pool of natural lubrication. The right touch and movements will help achieve the big O’s and little grunts of sweet euphoria.

Also, penis owners, don’t be sidelined, your excitement matters too. Studies depict that men can suffer from low libido too. Hence, getting the mood set plays an essential role.

Sex Toys: Do they replace the need for a partner?

Just like a child who enjoys playing with toys. Finds that excitement to laugh out loud with pleasure, too, are meant to trigger pleasure and excitement in your bed. Do they replace a partner?

Yes, it does replace the function of a bed partner, but it definitely cannot replace the need or urge to be involved with a partner. Why not incorporate sex toys as a complementary pleasure tool? They add that extra spice to your sexual life with your partner. Now, the question arises, can sex toys be used as a tool for both/all the partners involved together to derive the maximum pleasure?

To answer these questions, here are some sex positions to try that work great for including sex toys when in bed with your partner.

Sex Toys To Use During Partnered Sex: For Beginners

Hot sex positions feel hotter with sex toys. Let us know some of these sex toys a bit more. Pay attention if you’re a beginner in need of some passionate sex and stimulation. These toys are easily available in various online stores.

Bullet Vibrator

Easy to use and great for beginners, the bullet vibrator comes in various sizes. It can be a great tool for beginner couples to add light spice. Clitoral stimulation is one of the basic uses of bullet vibrators. You can also use it as an additional stimulator during doggy position as its smaller girth allows enough room. Who knows It might make room for your partner to discover a new fantasy!

Magic Wand Massager

If you’re a good foreplay fan, the magic wand massager is the thing for you. Get your partner all hyped up as this bulky tool allows a great workup to stimulate the clitoris. Also, in case you don’t want to use it directly over clit, you can use it over the underwear as a teasing tool. It can generate enough stimulation to generate excitement and build up for penetrative sex.

Couples Natkhat massager

The couples massager is a remote-controlled sex toy. That can be a great tool for solo as well as partnered tours on a trip to Wonderland. It provides for both internal and external stimulation, thereby giving the best experience for fun and comfort. One such product by the name of Natkhat by the brand Leezus. For discreet yet adventurous public play, this massager’s remote operates from up to 10 meters away.

Love Jelly and Toofan Stroker

Another product by Leezus is the Toofan Stroker for him. Give him stimulation that imitates that of vaginal penetration. The ribbed interiors provide pleasure and comfort. For quick satisfaction, this tool fulfills your partner’s desires efficiently. You can also use the Love Jelly lubricant to derive maximum pleasure and a smoother experience.


Having said that, there are a whole bunch of positions you can indulge in with a dildo/vibrator and get the most of your time in bed. Find what turns you on the most and practice to get those moans rolling out as you and your partner(s) reach the peaks of the climax mountain.

Make sure you communicate enough to hear the words Ye Bhi Theek Hai, Woh Bhi Theek Hai aur Sab Kuch Theek Hai to confirm that your partner is getting exactly what is needed. Start ordering those toys for your happy times right away!


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