Five Bollywood Friendship Duos Who Were Loyal Till The Very End.


Friends, some you have known forever, some you find around yourselves during hard times, some will always be there to make you laugh, some will give you second-hand embarrassment, some will share the same awkwardness, and some will always be there no matter how much you ugly cry in front of them.

Here are a few bollywood friendship duos who will make you say Ye Bhi Theek Hai!!.

  1. Hunny and Choocha – Fukrey

A friend who would give in to your demand of entering your college on the first day while riding horses together and wearing *bright* red kameez!!! You would want to keep that buddy in your life till the end. And that is what Choocha and Hunny are. Ride or Die till the end.  Both of them (along with their friends) scheme a master plan to catch a local gangster. Although the tactic was risky, Hunny and Choocha were successful in the end. In conclusion, one can see that this bollywood friendship duo was pure makkhan

2.Geet and Aditya – Jab We Met 

Geet and Aditya met unusually. When they first met, Geet portrayed the type of woman who is very spontaneous. Thrill, excitement, and adventures were probably her best friends. There was no venture that Geet was not willing to be part of. And so she sets on course to go and meet her partner but sadly gets heartbroken by him. It was Aditya who brings Geet back to her old self and out of the condemnable situation. Aditya, who had recently gone through hardships, and moved by Geet’s take on life, could not leave his friend alone when she was going through this adversity.

Before falling in love, Geet and Aditya proved that they are such good friends to each other. 

3.Rats and Meow – Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na 

Jai and Aditi have known each other for an eternity. They have been through plenteous joys and sorrows together. When everyone around Aditi was a little weirded out by her “extreme” attachment to her cat – Radha, Jai was the one who understood her love for her cat and even sang a cute little song for Aditi after Radha sadly passed away.
Aditi, as a protective (with a pinch of jealousy) friend, took her time to see through the personality of this new person – Meghna (Jai’s girlfriend) who was now becoming a part of not only her best friend’s life but also her whole gang’s lives as well. This bollywood friendship is the kind you would want in your life. 

4.Rani and Vijayalakshmi – Queen

A friend you have just met during the most unfortunate and disturbing moment of your life who *voluntarily* accompanies you to a relative’s place. I am calling it. FRIENDS FOREVER!!

Vijayalakshi inspired and supported Rani in many ways. She ignited this newfound confidence in Rani; she took her to a bunch of parties and Paris haul too, to make Rani realize that she can do it all by herself, yes, maybe a little help from here and there. But at least not by depending on a useless tool of a fiancé.

Oh, how we wish we could see more of Rani and Vijyalakshmi indulging in complete madness.

5.Ishaan and Omi – Kai Po Che 

Ishaan and Omi were such friends who took everyone’s criticisms about their passion and loyalty to each other and turned it into a business. Both of these friends were so passionate about cricket that they started their cricket coaching classes. And it was not just about following their dreams, they did that, but they also motivated and inspired many young boys to follow their dreams too! 

So tune in to Netflix to get a load of these bollywood friendships. 


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