King Khan Of Bollywood & His Witty Replies


The King Khan of Bollywood is the king of screens as well as behind the screens. Besides his charm and lovable personality, Shah Rukh Khan is known for his witty and clever responses to media spokespersons and journalists. It is a treat to watch him handle the most uncomfortable questions in the most funny and humble way.

Shah Rukh Khan ka wit aur sense of humour kabhi ruk nahi sakta.

1. When Vicky Kaushal said that Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri have been married for 27 years

Man didn’t even say anything. Just “kya baat kar raha hai” and it was just hilarious. That is his charm, just something as simple as that and he had the whole room laughing.

2. When SRK tricked Gauri for their honeymoon

SRK on honeymoon be like – Arey Eiffel Tower agli baar dekh lenge. Paris kitna dur hai.

3. When King Khan of Bollywood Khan scared a dog

How dare a dog disturb an ongoing interview of King Khan? It was out-of-the-blue but absolutely hilarious to see him bark at and then roar at the dog to scare him.

4. When the King Khan of Bollywood laughed at his looks

The modest guy that he is, Shah Rukh Khan didn’t feel insulted and made a joke of his looks. The Badshah has come a long way from looking like a normal guy to being the lover of the whole nation.

5. When his youngest was in the stadium

Obviously, Shah Rukh Khan found it amusing the way his son was playing around. Instead of scolding his son, SRK made a joke out of the situation.

6. When the King Khan of Bollywood said tit-for-tat

Mistaking Shah Rukh Khan’s name for Salman was a oh shit moment for the journalist. But well, SRK being SRK, he took his revenge in the funniest way!

7. When King Khan of Bollywood couldn’t take the mindless questions of journos

Journalist be like – Shah Rukh sir, mujhe bhi aap agli baar Dubai le jaana! 😆

8. When Shah Rukh Khan saw Anushka and Virat’s wedding picture

SRK after seeing the picture – Virat, iss janam me tum mere na ho sake, agle janam sahi.

9. When the King Khan of Bollywood praised his hosting skills

He has humour, charm, and a great timing. I mean, what else does SRK need? Surely he can have all the attention of the audiences.

10. When he said that he’s punctual and honest

The King Khan of Bollywood is never late, it’s the people who make him late!

11. When he acted like a protective father

Well, looks like the future boyfriend of Suhana Khan will have to win over the dad first.

All these moments prove that Shah Rukh Khan isn’t only creative with his acting skills, he also finds creativity and humour in any kind of situation. It doesn’t matter if the media and journalists ask him the most baseless questions, he’ll try to find light in that situation and turn the atmosphere around. I guess it’s obvious that we love him & his humour too much aur, Ye Bhi Theek Hai!


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