Almost 7 decades of being free, yeah!
Free from other’s rule. Free from outsiders.
But are we all internally free as well?
Not as a country, (that is a whole set of another topic I guess!).
What I mean to intend is,
are we free from the inside?
And do not compare it with others.
Freedom is a comparative state, I see.

Freedom- ye bhi theek hai .

Let’s compare it with our younger selves.
Aren’t you freer as compared to the child you?
The school-going you?
Don’t lie. You are.
So can we all please stop stressing if someone else’s surroundings are freer than our own?
We all are free, we will all be more free with time. We all feel caught up sometimes.
Some days are worse than the others for all of us.

Freedom- ye bhi theek hai.

So, instead of bearing a grudge against that carefree person,
maybe befriend them.
Share freedom like happiness.
Some days you can just depend on others as well, right?
Like love, the unconditional one.
Love each other and find freedom in that love.
Make others happy.

Freedom- ye bhi theek hai.

If you’re free today,
treasure the feelings and thoughts so you can cherish them on the days don’t feel free.
Remember, we only value the good only
when we have been through the bad.
So don’t wish the bad days to eliminate because
Then there won’t be any measure left to call good days good.
Everything is comparative, you see!

Wish you happiness being free, and more happiness when not!

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