Five IPL Top Knocks from the History


Indian Premier League or IPL is the most awaited cricketing tournament in cricket history. It is simply the game of cricket internationally. IPL started in 2008 during April and May. These months suit this tournament because most players are on a collective break from games internationally and nationally. This article will cover IPL top knocks, before that:

If we look back, we will see why that little tournament from 2008 rose to fame to become the game that defines cricket. Of course, money, like any other sport, played a significant role in attracting world talent to the IPL. Cricketers participating in IPL join various teams through the auction process for the game.

Ipl auctions are currently one of the most expensive player auctions conducted in India. These players often are picked out from the IPL ranking system. But in addition to that, we have policies that promote players and their popularity from all over the globe.

Players get the opportunity to participate without any conditions. The players get proper information about the timing and scheduling of the games. They also experience glamour and fandom. IPL is well-known for its birth nation too, where cricket runs deep in the veins of its citizens.

Additionally, to add salt to the wounds, it would seem that there will not be very remarkable groups of fans cheering their favourite teams at the arena this year. Of course, you can watch the entire series online through media like Disney+ Hotstar Ipl.

So to help you adapt to the deficiency of all the fun of Cricbuzz IPL and rushes we were familiar with during April and May, here are the absolute best knockouts scored by cricketers worldwide that set a precedent in IPL.

Here is how the countdown of IPL top knocks commences:

Five Top Knocks in IPL history - ye bhi theek hai.

5. The Year 2016 – Match played by Virat Kohli Vs Kings XI Punjab

If you want to recollect how dangerous Virat Kohli can be in the moving overs of a game, you should glance back at the match between Kohli’s Royal Challengers Bangalore and Murali Vijay’s Kings XI Punjab from May 18, 2016.

The sheer power of sound technique was evident in the way he scored 113 runs off 50 deliveries. He did as such with 96 runs coming from the boundaries. By virtue of one of the best exhibitions from his partner batsman Chris Gayle, the pair shared a 147-run lead till the IPL final.

Such swings regularly end up imploding the rival side and, that is literally what happened in this game with KXIP. With an astonishing score of 24 runs tumbling off the sharp edges by Wriddhiman Saha, Punjab eventually ended up losing the match by a towering 82 runs on account of the D/L methodology.

Five Top Knocks in IPL history - ye bhi theek hai.

4. The Year 2014 – Match between Virender Sehwag Vs. Chennai Super Kings

Captained by Mahindra Singh Dhoni, The Chennai Super Kings need no presentation. They are simply the best groups in this game. Luckily for Virender Sehwag of Kings XI Punjab, he did not think so in 2014.

In the match between the two teams on May 30, you can see that the various sides will undoubtedly struggle in a playoff match. However, Virender Sehwag had resolved to win. Amidst the large number of fans that swarmed the Wankhede Stadium, Sehwag savagely thumped away all of the five principal bowlers of Chennai Super Kings.

With a great ball-striking that resulted in 12 fours and 8 sixes, Sehwag made sure KXIP was in a dominant position with a monstrous score of 226 on the Ipl score table.  This target was beyond reach for Chennai Super Kings to chase. Sehwag had scored a dumbfounding 122 runs from only 58 balls.

Five Top Knocks in IPL history - ye bhi theek hai.

3. The IPL Year 2016 – AB De Villiers Vs. Gujarat Lions

The year 2016 was a year of spectacular knockouts. The third-best hit that has made it to the list from the whole of the IPL comes from AB De Villiers. On May 14th, the Royal Challengers Bangalore tested the Gujarat Lions. Maybe the primary inspiration was that the past Proteas captain went to work for the Lions bowlers.

Stomach muscle man, AB De Villiers was in the game that day. In the 52 balls, he got, his score shot up to more than 129. He seemed like nothing could stop him, and indeed, nothing did. After the Universe Boss Gayle got out, soon AB De Villiers charged up and started swinging.

AB De Villiers ended up showing praiseworthy execution with his accomplice on the field. AB had a quickfire partnership of 129 runs with Virat Kohli and remained not out until the final delivery. Imperial Challengers Bangalore dominated the game by an astonishing 144 runs.

Five Top Knocks in IPL history - ye bhi theek hai.

2. Chris Gayle (175* of 66 Balls) Vs. Pune Warriors – 2013

They do not simply call him Universe Boss for no reason. On April 23, 2013, Christopher Henry Gayle went on a relentless furore against Aaron Finch’s Pune Warriors. He hit a blinding 13 fours and 17 critical distance sixes during his spell.

Gaye storm brought up a sensational 175 runs in just 66 balls. Think about it the Gayle storm made at least 150 runs through boundaries alone. That is unreal. Universe Boss is the No. 1 IPL batsman. Undoubtedly, RCB won the match, and Chris Gayle was the Man of the Match.

But at this point, it pains me to contemplate how the bowlers would have felt once they woke up after the insane proportion of beating they took from one humongous Man. This team could easily be the best team in IPL 2021.

Five Top Knocks in IPL history - ye bhi theek hai.

1. The best of IPL top knocks – Brendon McCullum Vs. Royal Challengers Bangalore

One of the first on-field swings that established IPL in history was the magnificent batsmanship shown by Brendon McCullum. On April 18, 2008, Brendon McCullum played against the Royal Challengers Bangalore in the first forever match of the competition.

His 158-run innings destroyed the adversary Royal Challengers Bangalore. Nobody had expected the arrival of the Climax of the game when Brendon McCullum began hitting the ball out of the arena. He remained through the crucial part of the game and raised Kolkata Knight Riders’ lead to 222.

To intensify this accomplishment, the Kolkata Knight Riders ensured a bowling attack did not help Royal Challengers Bangalore. They halted any Royal Challengers batsman scoring more than 18 runs and wrapped the entire group up for a meagre 82 on their home ground at the M Chinnaswamy Stadium.

Five Top Knocks in IPL history - ye bhi theek hai.


IPL is one of the most awaited events in the entire country, probably the continent. These games are all big bucks and stupefying action. All the auctions conducted during IPL have seen action heroes of the cricket world walk away with millions in their pockets.

The performance in the tournament always shocks, surprises and, amazes. The IPL 2023 promises the same class of cricket with more edgy moments than ever.

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