Hilarious News of 2023: Anything to Make you laugh, guys!


You just finished your New Year’s party, and it’s April already! So how were these 3 months for you? Well, first of all, did they feel like three f**king months? To me, it didn’t. But when I started searching for these hilarious news stories from 2023, they felt like they would last a lifetime. Humans are indeed a funny thing! Read this article and you’ll also have a laugh! <3

  1. Father Posts ‘Baghban’ WhatsApp Status After Argument With Son

In a recent instance, a Twitter user allegedly had a small argument with his father, after which his father posted a status in the context of the 2003 film ‘Baghban’

“Uncle ji toh memers ko competition de rahe hain! #fancy”

Had a small argument with dad last night, dad’s WhatsApp story in morning pic.twitter.com/3J6tDTaRau

— Ujjawal Athrav (@Ujjawal_athrav) March 24, 2023

This Bengaluru man cleared a Google interview but failed the tenant interview.

Due to the high demand, landlords often interview people who want to rent from them. Sometimes, these interviews can be harder to pass than a Google interview.A Google worker from Bangalore recently wrote about a similar experience on LinkedIn. He said it took him a few tries to get better at passing the tenant interview.

I am damn sure somebody is now going to start an online course on “how to pass a tenant interview.” Bangalore & Startups 3 #forever Never, you see!

Hilarious News of 2023: Anything to Make you laugh, guys! - ye bhi theek hai.

Nagaland Minister Posts Funny Video to Explain Why He “Prefers to Remain Single”

Nagaland minister Temjen Imna Along, who is known for his funny social media posts, posted a video about fire safety.But in a humorous style, he also mentioned how husbands “play with fire”.

The man in the video literally saved his daughter, forgetting her wife. The wife took her slippers out in a second. Yaar, honestly, agar ye mera husband hotaaa, toh mai toh dharamsankat me fans jaati. To kill or worship this saint? #kidsFirst <3

Hum kare to kare kya…

The tug of war between being a doting father & a dutiful husband is like playing with 🔥. This is why I prefer to remain safe by staying single.

On a serious note, fire🔥 should not be taken lightly. Do install fire safety equipment at your home. pic.twitter.com/MD7Yn40f3V

— Temjen Imna Along (@AlongImna) March 24, 2023

  1. Delhi Metro Prohibits Filming Insta Reels and Dance Videos:

”Travel, don’t cause trouble.

The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation has asked riders again not to make dance videos or reels in the trains.It is said that there have been multiple incidents of people filming videos inside trains, causing problems for commuters.

People who make reels are like, “Yeh bheed bhav hmara sath kyu?”

Hilarious News of 2023: Anything to Make you laugh, guys! - ye bhi theek hai.

Gum chewed by Robert Downey Jr. for sale at $40k on eBay:

Someone seriously picked up Robert’s chewed gum and listed it on eBay for a whopping $40k, and he even said for authenticity, you can test Mr. Downey’s DNA.

Elon Musk changed his daughter’s name from Exa to a question mark symbol.

Elon Musk’s daughter’s name was changed from Exa Dark Siderl Musk to a symbol. The new name of the daughter, ‘Y’, was shared by Canadian singer Grimes, the child’s mother.

Imagine what her friends will call her!

Hilarious News of 2023: Anything to Make you laugh, guys! - ye bhi theek hai.

Pokemon’s final episode airs in Japan. Not the most hilarious news of 2023, but I am overwhelmed!

Ash Ketchum and Pikachu, two characters who have been the heart of the Pokémon series since its start in 1997, retired as protagonists. Their final episode was relatively quietwhnothing too flashy happenedhebut it was meaningful. The story ended where his journey began, in Pallet Town, and incorporated several callbacks to the series’ early episodes.

It is officially the end of an era. I am not crying; you are. I’m kidding, too. Yaar ye kyun ho raha hai yaar?

Hilarious News of 2023: Anything to Make you laugh, guys! - ye bhi theek hai.

A Mumbai man steals his own bike from a police parking lot in a bid to not pay a fine.

The Azad Maidan Police Station arrested the 24-year-old man, who confessed to having stolen his own bike from the police parking lot. He apparently did not want to pay the pending fine for his bike.

Hilarious News of 2023: Anything to Make you laugh, guys! - ye bhi theek hai.

Abki baar, Jugaad sarkaar. Indians and Jugaad are made for each other. Can you imagine your life without that?

Assam board question paper sold for up to Rs 3000 on WhatsApp:

Investigations into the Assam board exam paper leak reveal that the general science paper for class 10 was being sold on WhatsApp for Rs. 3000.

Meanwhile, Bihar boards students flexing, “Hamare yahan toh free mein milte hain!”

Hilarious News of 2023: Anything to Make you laugh, guys! - ye bhi theek hai.

Wakefit surprises its employees with an all day you can sleep’ holiday on World Sleep Day.

A Bengaluru-based firm, Wakefit, which is popular for its mattresses, has announced an optional holiday for its employees on World Sleep Day.

Ek WakeFit jaisi company hum bhi deserve karte hain! Kahan milegi batao yaar? Aaj hi se resume building start kar dete hain, accordingly!

Hilarious News of 2023: Anything to Make you laugh, guys!- ye bhi theek hai.

Heartbreak insurance fund: guy gets Rs. 25k after partner cheats Ye Bhi Theek Hai!

Prateek Aryan, the user, revealed that he had started a ‘Heartbreak Insurance Fund’ with his former girlfriend. As per the tweet, the deal involves a monthly deposit of 500 each into a joint account, and the one who cheats in the relationship will have to forgo the entire amount of money in the fund. The one who got cheated on can acquire the final amount in the account.

To everyone, jo khush ho rha hai, pehle partner toh dhund lo. Modern problems require modern solutions.

Men act like government workers and get Z+ Security arrested in Kashmir.

Kiran J. Patel pretends to be an additional director for strategy and campaigns in the office of the prime minister. He even got a bulletproof SUV and official accommodations at a five-star hotel in Jammu. Is it hilarious news for 2023 or not? That is for you to decide.

Bro just wanted to enjoy what politicians enjoy. Ye bhi theek hai.

Hilarious News of 2023: Anything to Make you laugh, guys! - Ye Bhi theek Hai.

Western media mistook Deepika at the Oscars for a Brazilian model

Deepika Padukone recently graced the 95th Academy Awards. However, the western media mistook the actress for Matthew McConaughey’s wife, Camila Alves, a Brazilian model. One of the popular English magazines posted a picture of Deepika in her Oscars look—a gorgeous black gown. But instead of the actress’s name, the magazine shared her picture with Camila’s name. Bollywood and Oscars have a different vibe vaise bhi!

Girls toh desi honi chahiye, Brazilians toh wax bhi hoti hai.

A mycologist reveals fungus is only three steps away from making ‘The Last of Us’ a reality.

A mycologist says that the fungal infection, cordyceps, that is shown in the HBO series The Last of Us is only three steps away from being real. The fungus that turns humans into crazed zombies in the show already exists in the natural world.

Meanwhile, gamers are like “sapne hain yeh mera”. Aise sapne sapne hi rahein toh behtar hai, bhaiya!

So, if you are in love with Part One of the Hilarious News of 2023, worry not. We will surely come up with Part 2 three months later. Jude rahiye, Jude rahiye. Jai Mahishmati.


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