Book Review of Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix


The evening sun was setting down and rain poured heavily. Weather forecasts suggested the possibility of a thunderstorm. I looked out the window and then at the book in front of me. Harry Potter and The Order of Phoenix – The Title of the book read. After already being absorbed in the wizarding world, I have been looking forward to read this one like crazies.

Order of the Phoenix- ye bhi theek hai

Definitely, this must be a strange coincidence, I thought.  
The weather in the book opening precisely matched that in reality.
“Harry must be in a really bad mood” 
I mumbled to myself. 

Me while just starting with the book

And who wouldn’t? When one of your schoolmates dies in front of your eyes, the killer of your parents resurrects, and an army of bad guys, who were once in hiding, resurface with a renewed greed for power. The Goblet of Fire was definitely the beginning of dark grey times for Harry Potter. 

The Anger: Dark Lord Identifies His Prey

Harry Potter – The Boy Who Lived must die. That is the foremost desire of Lord Voldemort. For, as the prophecy says, (roughly rephrased) only one should survive of the two. To accomplish this, Lord Voldemort attacks Harry by penetrating his head. 

 Unlike the movie, Harry is in no sense calm about the fact that he had to spend the whole of summer locked up in his room. He shouts in anger for not receiving any letters from his friends – Ron and Hermione. 

 The fact that they were both together at Grimmauld Palace and still sent no letters frustrates him even more. In the book, Harry is clearly upset about this fact. The instances clearly show Harry in a vulnerable state.

 Order of the Phoenix- ye bhi theek hai
Source : Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (2007)

In the film, Harry is depicted as much calmer. This does not help much in character and plot development. The reason why Harry’s character development is not fully explored, in multiple instances, stays a frustrating mystery. 

The Potterhead Rant: Missed Emotions and Unfulfilled Adventures 


Part five of the movie series. Have you felt something missing from it? If you haven’t, it is the incomplete bond development between Ron and Harry. 

Order of the Phoenix-ye bhi theek hai

Those who’ve read the book would remember, it is Ron who first notices the marks on Harry’s hand after the detention given by the evil Professor, aka Punisher Umbridge. He is the one who sympathizes and asks Harry to complain. Unlike, the movie where Hermione is given the role.  

Such an amazing Bromance. Why do filmmakers have to leave emotions like we ignore the calories while eating a sweet dish? Where’s the Fun in this?

Cutting out Professor Snape’s memory that has the major emotions, omitting Harry’s anger, once again, where he disrupts Dumbledore’s office over his Godfather, Sirius’s death, his date with Cho, and so many more. Aren’t there enough omissions for one part? Not for the moviemakers. 

 ye bhi theek hai
Source: Harry Potter and the order of the Phoenix

Who will answer about the missed adventures by leaving out the several rooms in the Ministry of Magic? So much happened in the brain room and the room of several doors. We also missed the Phoenix appear again during the duel between Dumbledore and Voldemort. 

Plot Gaps: The Broken Links 

As per the book, Fred and George are banned from Quidditch forever. This is an essential factor that leads to the twins abandoning Hogwarts. Furthermore, there is also no mention of the fact that Umbridge had sent the Dementors to Harry’s muggle hometown. 

ye bhi theek hai

Hermoine’s obsession with S.P.E.W and the scenes from St. Mungo’s Hospital. Harry’s conversation with Sirius and Lupin after he discovers his father’s questionable behaviour. None of this has been included, thereby breaking any possible chances of connections in future parts. 

 All these missing pieces leave big gaps in the plot. These holes are visible only when one knows of the magic that the books behold within them. 

The Ending: Dark Times & Better Hopes 

It’s not the end till it is the end. Well, Harry Potter and the magic world are in for a whole lot of adventure. 

As the ministry finds significant proof of Lord Voldemort’s return, it is Harry upon whom Dumbledore rests his hopes. Much like him, Harry trusts Dumbledore even more for his knowledge and experience. Will these two be able to defeat the dark forces, or will the hype of Harry Potter is the one diminish with the person himself? 

Order of the phoenix- ye bhi theek hai

As Harry returns home this summer, certain of his goal, uncertain of what the future holds, one thing is for sure. In the words of the wise Dumbledore.

“Harry, suffering like this proves you are still a man! This pain is part of being human … the fact that you can feel pain like this is your greatest strength.”

The Good’ol Dumbledore

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