Office Humour 101: Surviving the Nine-to-Five with Laughter


If you think that Work from Office (WFO) is really taxing after work from home (WFH), then you’re not the only one. The socially awkward part of you does not know how to fit in with the crowd. Or the opposite, the socialite in you does not know how to include people in the conversations. Having these problems in the office environment can also have negative effects on productivity. To rid of all these troubles, there is a solution that every work environment and office needs – Office Humour. 

Monday Blues & Office Humour 

Mondays are notorious for bringing a sense of gloom and sluggishness to the workplace. The lists of tasks seem endless and there are too many calls to attend. Monday makes you feel as if the world changed its direction over the weekend and now everyone is against you. But but but, to fight the Monday blues, you just need a recipe for some office humour. A humorous environment can help alleviate the gloomy mood of a Monday morning and create a more positive atmosphere. 

If there is a meeting on Monday, then make sure that you talk about the elephant in the room. (Psst, if you don’t know, it is the fact that no one wants to be in a meeting on Monday). Do talk about your frustrations and laugh about them, so everyone feels a little light-hearted. 

Additionally, sharing amusing Monday memes or cartoons in the office chat or noticeboard can create a sense of camaraderie and make everyone smile.

The Inside Office Humour With Colleagues 

Inside jokes have a way of changing the mood in an instant. What is normal for everyone, may remind you of a joke that your office bestie made some time ago. 

Inside jokes usually stem from shared experiences, funny incidents, or even light-hearted teasing. The more these jokes come up in conversations, the closer you can get to your colleagues. Then, over time you would notice that the hours between nine and five don’t seem too long. Office humour among colleagues can play a significant role in fostering a sense of belonging and building strong relationships within a team.

Nonetheless, you and your bestie should ensure that the jokes you are making do not hurt anyone. The jokes should not make your juniors or seniors feel awkward or angry. Because, at the end of the day jokes are supposed to make everyone laugh. 

Office Humour To Boost Productivity 

But why do you need humour at your work? As mentioned earlier, a low and unfavourable environment in the office can affect your work. When the atmosphere is too serious, you might feel burnout more often. Some may feel that a few jokes and laughs thrown here and there could be distracting. However, office humour is not a waste of time. 

When used appropriately, it can actually enhance productivity and overall work performance. Laughter has been found to reduce stress levels, increase motivation, and boost creativity. Encouraging a culture of levity in the workplace can lead to higher employee satisfaction and engagement. 

A study by Dr. Robert R. Provine found that people who laughed at least once every 15 minutes were more productive than those who didn’t laugh at all. It also stated that people who laughed were more likely to be engaged in their work and less likely to make mistakes.

Another study, conducted by researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles, found that humour can increase creativity by up to 20%. 

A study, conducted in 2017, found that 70% of employees believe that humour is important in the workplace.

Consider implementing regular “fun breaks” where employees can share jokes, and funny stories, or engage in light-hearted activities. These breaks can act as a mental reset, allowing individuals to return to their tasks with renewed energy and focus.

Office Pranks

Office humour cannot be complete with some silly pranks, emphasise the word silly. Playing some pranks can give people a laugh and it can also bring you closer to your colleagues. When planning pranks, it’s crucial to consider the preferences and comfort levels of your colleagues. Opt for harmless pranks that won’t cause any harm or embarrassment.

For example, replace your colleague’s pen with a pen that does not work. You can also put some silly sticky notes on their desks. Moreover, festivals are a great occasion to play pranks on your work friends. For instance, during Diwali or Christmas, you may keep an office party in the office but tell your work buddy that it is in a café nearby. 

When doing office pranks, the key is to ensure that everyone involved is comfortable and able to enjoy the prank. Remember, the aim is to create a positive and uplifting atmosphere, not to create tension or disrupt the work environment. 

Maybe don’t take too much inspiration from Jim Halpert here. 

Humorous Yoga Poses

It’s difficult to stay in shape when you’re in the office for most of your day. Yoga is a great way to keep yourself healthy mentally as well as physically. However, there is so much work all the time that even if you do find some time, the only yoga pose you can do is the corpse pose…and slowly fall asleep. 

Par koi baat nahi, hamare paas upaay hai. 

If you love doing yoga, but you can not find the time for it because of work, there is a solution for you. Combine your work with yoga! At first, you may find it difficult but hey, you might add some office humour and might even influence others to follow your steps. 

Headstand with Lotus Legs

Yoga Poses Office Humour Ye Bhi Theek Hai
For never losing the balance
What better than maintaining your body balance & work-life balance at the same time? Client Meetings giving you headaches? Well, there is nothing better than this asana!

This yoga asana helps in blood circulation in the head. It also strengthens the upper body, this pose increases the core strength and stability. 

Downward Dog 

Downward Dog Pose Ye Bhi Theek Hai
Corporate life demands flexibility. Could you be any more flexible?

This is another one of the yoga asanas that helps in strengthening the upper body. Additionally, it also helps in increasing the body’s flexibility and providing relief from back pain. 

Yoga Splits

Yoga Splits Ye Bhi Theek Hai

Fucked by Agency Life? Well, this pose can be a saviour. IYKYK.

The yoga splits would help you in increasing flexibility and improve hip mobility. By holding yoga splits, you can enhance leg strength. 

Leg Behind Shoulder 

Working from anywhere also means typing from any hand, any leg or any body part you know!

The leg behind the shoulder pose helps in increasing blood flow to various parts of the body. It also helps in stretching the back and providing nourishment to the nervous system. 

Scorpion Pose 

Office Humour Scorpion Pose Ye Bhi Theek Hai
Offices are full of scorpions? Well, practice this asana regularly. You will either save yourself from them or become one.

The Scorpion pose helps in back flexibility, strengthening the upper body, and expansion of the chest and shoulders. 

Office Humour Antidote 

Well there you go, some laughs and pranks don’t just help in making friends with your colleagues, it also helps in productivity. The next time your boss tells you to stop these jokes, do tell them that Ye Bhi Theek Hai.


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