IPL- Great Indian Festival- ye bhi theek hai

“Holi Kab h? Kab h Holi? Kab?”  “Diwali kab h… kab h Diwali?” 

These epic dialogues from the blockbuster Bollywood movies Sholay & Aag respectively bring back fond memories in every Bollywood fan’s mind. More so, the lines also give a picturesque image of the great celebrations during the festive mood. It is true for every other Festival in India. The celebrations are always immensely large in terms of decor, expressions and economic elements. Diwali, Holi, Eid, Ganesh Chaturthi, Gurupadwa, and Christmas. Not just this, even the celebrations for the West-inspired Valentine’s Week are done on a large scale in India. Given such a huge amount of importance to any opportunity for celebration, there is one link which binds all religions, genders and castes across the nation. Indian Premiere League (IPL) The Great Indian Festival.

IPL 2023

The two-month-long event is a celebration of the fact that cricket is the single thing that excites millions of hearts together as the fans wait at the edge of their seats. Indeed an India ka Tyohar, the Indian Premiere League is in many ways a bridge for the Indians to live, love and laugh. 

What Makes IPL the ‘Great Indian Festival?’ 

In India, festivals are widely celebrated with maximum participation and high-profile celebrations. On the same grounds, Firstly, the IPL has extended its reach to every nook and corner of the nation, including Singers, Actors, Politicians and renowned Personalities. 

Secondly, just like every other festival celebrated in India, the IPL festive comes with a high expenditure. Keeping the whopping Millions spent on preparations, player fees and inauguration events, and prize money aside, Have you ever wondered how much Indians bet during the IPL? Based on data, the figure was around 400 crores in the year 2013. Estimating a 20% growth each year based on trends, the sum easily crosses the 1000 crore mark on this date. 

Enough to title the IPL the Greatest Indian Festival, ain’t it? 

Bettors & Players during IPL

IPL- Great Indian Festival- ye bhi theek hai

BCCI be like

IPL- Great Indian Festival- ye bhi theek hai

Meanwhile Nirupama Roy to BCCI

IPL- Great Indian Festival- ye bhi theek hai

What makes the IPL an awaited Festive Each Upcoming Year?

Without a doubt, the IPL is the most welcoming home to cricketers from around the globe with an opportunity to be witnessed by fans and cricketing geniuses. Not just this, this is also a great opportunity for the commoners, irrespective of age group, to find their much-needed dose of dopamine. 

During the IPL, every cricket fan at 7:30 pm is like

IPL- Great Indian Festival- ye bhi theek hai

There are numerous factors that lead fans to wait for the IPL longingly. Some of these are discussed below. 

Get a Break – Turn ON the Match! 

So, keeping the norm of Have a break, Have a KitKat! aside, IPL has brought the perfect note for cricket enthusiasts, Get a Break – Turn ON the Match! 

Whether you are bored with the mundane routine or in a bad mood, a single inning of IPL has the power to get you set for the tone right for your time ahead. Going for an outing might not excite everyone, as an indoor fun pizza night with your favourite crickets might. 

Cricket Fans when their favourite Team/Player scores well

IPL- Great Indian Festival- ye bhi theek hai

Suited to all Age-groups and Genders 

Not to forget, the IPL is a single platform where you will see the team of Captain Cool competing against the team of the aggressive Rishabh Pant or King Kohli, while the legendary Sunil Gavaskar sits behind the mic in the commentator’s box. Indeed a true mix of generations. 

Another important aspect that makes the IPL such a progressive festive is its adaptability to changing times. The 2023 year marks the inaugural year of the WIPL i.e. the Women’s Indian Premier League. The move finally ensures that the IPL is a gender-inclusive festival. It is also a great inspiration for young generations to take up careers in sports given the increasing focus on opportunities. 


From Corporate employees to a student and government servants, the IPL is the single largest festival which allows a carefree couple of months for all. Taking the social media and ‘skill-based’ sports betting market into an uproar, IPL is the perfect way to lift the spirits of millions not just across the nation but also beyond. 

So if you are someone who is living in the mood of Ye Bhi Theek Hai, it is time to turn on your TV sets and Jio Cinema app. Set your mood to Yeh Hi Theek Hai as the live visuals of IPL fill in the much-deserved dopamines!