“Embrace the Diversity of Indian Poetry Through These 6 Famous Indian Poets On Instagram”


Sometimes, we are in search of the right words which could give a new shape to the sentences and breakthrough content which is filled with information, or flick on the lives of people. And with the use of these beautiful words, poetry is formed. Basically, poetry is a form of expression that has the power to touch our souls and stir our emotions. With the rise of social media platforms like Instagram, poets from around the world have found a new way to reach out to their audiences and share their work. India, with its rich literary heritage, has some famous Indian poets on Instagram who have left behind a sparkle there.

Below Are The 6 Famous Indian Poets On Instagram

Follow them to indulge in the beauty and power of words and experience the magic of poetry.

Karuna Ezara Parikh (@karunaezara)

Basically, she is an Author and a poetess. Her recently published books are:

– The Heart Asks For Pleasure First; published in 2020 – Where Stories Gather; published in 2021,

 which are also available online.

She has also worked for Ishaan Nair’s film Kaash (2015), as a scriptwriter.

Karuna writes about love and loss in heart-wrenching vulnerability that sings to each and every one.

Pavana Reddy (@mazadohta)

 Pavana Reddy is a poet and songwriter. She was a self-publisher for her first book of poetry, Rangoli, also a song called “Remain the Sea” was well-known.

She was also the author and publisher of her second book of poems, Where Do You Go Alone, 2019.

Amandeep Singh (@amandeep.khayal)

 He is a famous Indian Poet on Instagram (Hindi Poet), and a storyteller, he has managed to connect to people in the most beautiful way and has won hearts with beautifully weaved words. Basically, he writes on everyday romance.

 Just for a glance here is one of his Shayari:

 Zehn me zikr bohot Hai

 Tujhe maloom nahi

Par teri fikr bohot hai

Akif Kichloo (@akifkichloo)

 Despite being a writer, Akif Kichloo is a Poet, a Doctor and a Physician anesthesiologist.

Akif is inspired by the broken world around him, and his work is a commemoration of the storytelling kind, quite unlike all his other contemporaries.

Megha Rao (@_megharao)

 If you are someone who is unafraid of anyone and doesn’t care about others’ opinions then Megha’s poetry is for you. She writes with honesty and fearlessness and regains her own magical forebode.

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