Step Boldly This Women’s Day: Because Why Not?


I found it so accurate when I came across this clip of Aanchal Dhara titled “Little Voices and Big Choices“ while scrolling, where she was talking about all “Ladki hone ke niyam,” the rules society made for women. Will surely talk more about her later in this, but first, let me throw some truth bombs about being a woman in Indian society!

So, here’s the thing in India: If you are a girl, society gets to decide what you should do, how you should do it, and especially “WHY” you should! But what if a woman chooses to make her own rules and not follow the ones society has made for her?

From the silver screen’s vintage charm with Meena Kumari to Kangana Ranaut of today, from the first female Prime Minister to leaders like Smriti Irani and Nirmala Sitharaman, women are conquering every field, and we have come a long way. Some Indian males are changing, giving up on outdated traditions and actively assisting the women in their lives. These men are the unsung heroes who realise that empowering women isn’t just a battle for women alone, but a shared journey towards equality.

Despite these winds of change, some girls are still struggling to get “PERMISSION” from their families to live “THEIR LIFE” on their terms.

Even today, when women play a significant role in leadership, economics, and nation-building, there are still some places in India where the narrative of women being questioned at every stage of their lives is as old as time. Every deviation from the norm, whether in career or appearance, faces scrutiny and criticism for women.

Kyuki, ladkiyon ke liye toh rules alag hai na! And that is why humne follow hi nahin karna

We need more people like Sunny from “Dil Dhadakne Do” in our society!

Aur agar galti se, galti se, kisi ladki ne himmat kar li, to turn the “ WHY” into “WHY NOT” toh kaha jata hai ki “ladki bigad gayi hai”

Suddenly, she’s not the obedient daughter or the ideal bride because she didn’t choose to lead a life according to the “rules” of society.

She’s the rebel, the outlier, the “unfit daughter.” But here’s a thought, girls! To make a change, let’s shed labels and pursue our dream lives wholeheartedly!

Just say 

And move on….

Anchal Dhara is a testament to courage, never allowing her desire to pursue “something unique and inspiring” in her life to fade away, contrary to what society thinks. Her tale is a potent illustration of someone who bravely ventured beyond comfort to inspire others.

Drop the WHY: Celebrating the Audacity of Aanchal Dhara

Aanchal Dhara, a professional photographer and writer, embarked on an extraordinary journey from Mumbai to Goa on foot, covering a distance of 583 kilometres in 26 days.

This endeavour was part of “The Audacious Project,” initiated by Aanchal Dhara and her husband, Prashant. It aimed at presenting life-changing experiences to people. The project, named “Two Feet and a Dream,” was a testament to their belief that to inspire others, they first must undertake something unique themselves.

With a perfect job in Delhi and a comfortable life with her parents, Aanchal felt something was missing. Living with her parents, having a stable job, and having a routine weren’t fulfilling for her. One evening, it hit her: this wasn’t her dream.  Deciding to move to Mumbai for a life she truly wanted triggered a wave of “WHYs” from her family.

For Aanchal Dhara, the real question was, “Why not?” Why not move out? Why not follow her dreams, even if they seem illogical to others? Despite the obstacles, why not strive for a life that is truly hers? Why not take on some “audacious projects” and inspire others to do the same?

She chose to leave the safety of her home to chase a life filled with purpose and inspiration. Her journey underscores the significance of pursuing beliefs, irrespective of societal expectations. Aanchal’s pursuit of her dreams defies societal norms, advocating for women’s autonomy in choosing their paths.

As we celebrate Women’s Day, let’s honour the spirit of every woman who has dared to ask, “Why not?”. Let’s celebrate the Aanchals of the world. They are the ones who remind us of the journey towards living freely, away from the shadows of judgement.

So, to every girl out there getting bombarded with “whys”. From choosing a career path that’s offbeat to wanting to live independently—I say, wear your “Why Not” like a badge of honour.

Because, let’s face it, there will always be an opinion on whatever you do! 

Consider the “Ye Bhi Theek Hai” attitude; the “WHYs” will always exist, but we don’t have to confront them. Instead, let’s ask our questions, follow our dreams, and maybe, just maybe, inspire someone else to do the same. 

And to the families out there, instead of asking “WHY,” how about cheering her on with a “Go for it”? Because at the end of the day, life’s too short to live by someone else’s rules. Let’s make it big, bold, and beautiful – on our terms. Kyuki…..after all….

Let’s not just add years to our lives, but life to our years!


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