Beware Of AI: No More Fake Sick Leaves


Artificial intelligence (AI) has transformed numerous industries, and the healthcare sector is no exception. In recent years, AI has been used to diagnose and treat a range of medical conditions from cancer to heart disease. Also, recently we have seen a case where AI diagnosed a dog’s disease which veterinarians failed to detect. However, a new application of AI in healthcare is provoking using AI to detect whether someone is faking sickness by analyzing their voice. Beware of AI, it may detect your lie.

Beware of AI- ye bhi theek hai
Would you take a FAKE SICK DAY from work? This is what people say

Now this news is trending on instagram and one asked will it detect if a person is having diarrhoea. Relax guys, maybe it could or if not then one day it will surely detect that too.

Traditionally, employers have relied on managers or human resources personnel to determine if an employee is genuinely unwell. The problem with this approach is subjective and prone to error as managers may not have the medical knowledge necessary to determine whether an employee’s symptoms are genuine or not. Also if the manager is a friend of that employee, then you guys know what I mean.

But this new technology is bad news for those who fake sick leave, be alert now your friend also can’t help you out.

Researchers are able to detect cold through changes in voice

Researchers at the Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology in Surat have develop a new AI system that can accurately determine whether someone is sick by analysing their voice. The system uses machine learning algorithms to analyse hundreds of different vocal features, including tone, pitch, and rhythm. The system then compares these features to a database of thousands of different voice samples, including samples from people with genuine colds and samples from people who are faking it.

How Successful is this New Technology?

According to the researchers, the system is incredibly accurate, with a success rate of around 90 percent. This means system can detect that someone is genuinely sick with cold or they are faking it with a high degree of accuracy.

One potential application of this technology is in the healthcare sector itself. Doctors and nurses could use the system to determine whether patients are genuinely ill or whether they are faking it. This is a quote from an article about how emergency rooms can use “frequent flier status” to save time and money.

Beware of AI- ye bhi theek hai
Beware , AI may catch your lie from your voice

Moreover, there is the question of whether the technology is accurate enough to be rely upon. AI is transforming the healthcare sector to reduce absenteeism and ensure that employees are genuinely ill before taking sick days. There are concerns about the accuracy of the technology, but the potential benefits are significant. Technology could be used by employers to detect when employees are absent without good reason, and by doctors and nurses to decide which patients to treat first. There are risks and rewards, but the potential benefits of this technology make it worth exploring further.

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