Subtle Art Book Review: Was it Really Subtle?


The subtle art of not giving a fuck is my first experience reading a complete e-book. To be honest, I have never liked e-books. This time I went for this owing to lack of time and fortunately, I do not regret it. Not that the book preaches wrong or says something I can’t think of implementing, but coming to it right after Khaled Hosseini had been a bit unsettling! Read this Subtle Art Book review and know why I am ranting!

Subtlety #1 : Not Giving A F*ck Indifferent; It means being Comfortable with Being Diffrent. 

The book very well teaches you the subtle art of not giving a fuck by very unsubtly bombarding you with the word!

Here is to support my case!

The world is constantly telling you that the path to a better life is more, more, more—buy more, own more, make more, fuck more, be more. You are constantly bombarded with messages to give a fuck about everything, all the time. Give a fuck about a new TV having a better vacation than your coworkers. Buying that new lawn ornament. Give a fuck about having the right kind of selfie stick.

Why? My guess: because giving a fuck about more stuff is good for business.

Subtlety #2 : We All Have A Limited Number Of F*cks To Give; pay Attention To Where And Who You Give Them To

But there are many good quotes as well. For instance, while introducing Charles Bukowski, he writes, was an alcoholic, a womanizer, a chronic gambler, a lout, a cheapskate, a deadbeat, and on his worst days, a poet.

And here I am trying to use most essential of my management lessons,

Know your audience!

Mark Manson has not written anything that has not previously been said or written, he has just written it in a language keeping in mind the likes and interests of his readers. And this is why the book has become a best-seller. The language used is conversational and by conversational, I do not mean the one used by literature and poetry enthusiasts.

Concluding on the Subtle Art Book Review

So, according to me, the subtle art of not giving a f*ck is not wrong. If rich writing and good language are your high, this book is not for you. This book may be good for beginners who struggle to understand and read rarely. Since it is easy and says all the right things in a different manner, it has made it way through.

Nice marketing, Mark! But as long as it sells, Ye Bhi Theek Hai, wo bhi aur sab hi!

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