Skin rashes, Tans/Sunburns, and other skin-related problems are common during the summers. Sweat opens up the possibilities of several skin issues, however, if a proper care routine follows this could be avoided. Therefore, to get Healthy Skin This Summer is really important.

Skincare also means pampering yourself. This relieves you from stresses that consume your mental energy all along. Further, a good set of skin pore cleansing could replenish your dopamine levels for the day ahead. Discussed further are the tips that you may use to keep your skin healthy throughout the summers. Read on to find out more.

Get your SPF right!

A necessity for the present times, sunscreen lotion has become a common household commodity. Even while you are indoors, applying sunscreen helps achieve healthy skin.

Generally, based on the Indian subcontinent heat levels, the SPF 30 variant is recommend.

Tips To Have a Healthy Skin This Summer- ye bhi theek hai.

Applying one 15-30 minutes before you go in sun exposure is recommended by experts. This could protect you from the harmful UV rays that tend to enter the atmosphere through the ozone holes.

Maintain your skincare regime

A proper set of steps that are essentially focused on your skin’s health are as essential as taking a bath every day. You must have often found yourself complaining about acne or painful pimple developing on your skin. These are easily avoidable if you maintain a proper skincare regime. This will provide you with Healthy Skin This Summer.

Maintain your skincare regime - ye bhi theek hai.

The three necessary steps, Moisturize, Tone, and Cleanse are common steps. You may add or customize these steps as per your needs. Regular cleansing of your skin prevents your skin from any infections or rashes from developing. This step must be preceded by a proper toning of your skin based on skin type and moisturization as needed.

Exfoliate your skin pores

Have you felt your skin seemingly dry or pale? This dullness could be attribute to the deposits of your dead skin cell accommodation. To avoid such skin complexion, you must scrub your exposed, sensitive skin areas properly. Elbows and knees are the most prone to this phenomenon occurrence.

Exfoliate your skin pores- ye bhi theek hai .

Exfoliation is the removal of dead tissues from your skin. It also helps remove the toxins that accumulate over time due to your diet or exposure to such areas. Further, you may also remove tan by rubbing a slice of lemon on your tanned skin thrice a week.

Let your feet Breathe!

Let your feet Breathe!- ye bhi theek hai .

Every time you are out in the sun, your feet are the victim of continuous use. Always wear footwear that has enough open space for your feet/soles to breathe. Good feet skin keeps you confident of your lifestyle. 10 mins every day towards your feet nourishment, lotion application could guarantee you better feet for days ahead.

Exercise Daily

Yes! A good session of workout could rejuvenate your heart health and have a far deeper effect on your skin health. While you exercise your blood flow tends to increase, carrying away the dead tissues and reaching every pore of your body. If you need some workout music, we have a list for that as well. This will help you get Healthy Skin This Summer.

Exercise Daily- ye bhi theek hai.

A healthy circulation guarantees proper nutrient supply and hence keeps skin vibrant. This aspect is one of the reasons for skin glow that is often attributed to regular exercisers. Even a 15-minute exercise each day could do the job if done consistently.

Maintain a Healthy Diet

Often underrated, Following a healthy diet is a vital step in deciding your skin type. If you keep consuming junk food and expect healthy skin, it is a useless pursuit. The type of food you eat decides what will contribute to your skin type.

Maintain a Healthy Diet- ye bhi theek hai.

Good skin needs lots of hydration and a diet that suits your body varying as per seasons. A summer diet must usually be light, which allows your body to stay cool. Your meal may consist of veggies such as Bitter gourd, Spinach, and fruits such as Plums, watermelons, cherries with side-ons such as buttermilk, curd, etc. These foods also regulate your blood pressure levels and build immunity.

Along with the hassles of keeping up with your daily routine, this may become a task. But if you go step by step in your skincare routine. Every alternate weekday or the weekends could be your getaway days from stress by following these skincare tips. So if you are looking to have a great summer this year, make sure your days include these tips for skin relaxation and nourishment.


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