Counter Sexiest Slurs: Empowering Women and Challenging Stereotypes


Have you ever pondered what sets males and females apart from one another? Is It their mindsets, biological creativity or their appearance? For the unknown, it is the perspective that society has towards the two genders that creates the differentiation. As we enter the 21st century, there has been notable progress in social acceptance and fair conduct for every living being. Read further to check how Women should, are and will counter the Sexiest Slurs directed at them.

The terms like gender discrimination, racism, and sexism have been overpowered by those such as feminism, gender equality, and more. However, it is imperative to question this “progress” that we boast so much about, as a society on the whole.

Are we really flowing ahead? Or are we like the stagnant rocks in the river of passing time, simply appreciating its pace? Hypocrisy is a small word but has a big influence on the line that demarcates between reality and illusion.

Too many metaphors right?

Let me get this straight.

Today, we are here to talk about the subject of sexism made against women since time known. So what is its root cause? We find these statements everywhere from drama serials, movies and even books to our daily routine lives. Women have always been subjected to behave as the patriarchal society deems right. That they should live with a certain attitude and to the extent of having control over “how their thoughts should be like” throughout their lives.

Prodding over the subject, it is essential to put a full stop to these sexist slurs right here. The following discussion is counter to all those sexist machos and patriarchists. Here are the following-

‘Talk like a Lady’

‘Speak Softly’

‘Tehzeeb se baat kro, gaali galoch ladkon ke liye hoti h’

Of course, using cuss words is not an ideal choice, but associating it with a gender! Are you even thinking straight at this point?

Agar aapka ladka gusse mein kabhi gaali bolde toh,

“Yeh toh theek h,

Hota h aisa,

Gusse mein nikal hi jaata h muh se.”

Par agar bhul se aapki ladki ne koi gaali boldi toh,

Sexiest slurs- ye bhi theek hai

Haaye, Besharam ko dekho,

Ladki hokr gaaliyaan bakk rhi h, koi laaj, sharam nahi h!

Oh, and the iconic reason –

Ladkiyon ke muh se accha nahi lagta!

Counter-reply –

Slow claps in the background.

Ladkon se muh se toh gaali bolte waqt sehad tapakta h shayad.

Sexiest slurs- ye bhi theek hai

“Tum karo toh sahi, hum karein toh kyu galat baat hai???”

Arre bhaiiyaa, agar woh gaaliyaan bolti h toh kuch ese sundar gaane banao Jaise ki,

Sexiest slurs- ye bhi theek hai

“Yeh teri Chaand Baaliyan. Hai Honthon pr yeh gaaliyaan…”

Pinpoint kaahe krne lagte ho!!!

Sexiest slurs- ye bhi theek hai

Look at how she sits!

Shhh, Tame your laughter,

Hawww! She has a Tattoo!

If you really wanted to teach someone how to sit, talk, walk, and laugh, you should’ve adopted a pet.

The only postures we can follow and trust are Kamasutra postures,

Toh baithne ke postures ka gyaan naa hi dena,

Kyunki yeh aaram ka maamla h boss.

Aur jaha tak hasne ki baat hai,

Choti cheezon ka toh aapko shaunk hi h..

Choti soch, choti hasi….. Aap samajdaar h aage.

Also, a clear message to all those Judgy looks dene waale Uncles and Aunties when they spot anyone with a tattoo or piercing,

Sexiest Slurs

If she wants a tattoo, she can have it. Aap kyun apni lambi naak beech mein daal rhe ho?

Aur Character ki toh baat aap naa hi karein toh behtar,

Aapki harkatein bhi kuch kam nahi h…

Jiss jagah dikh jaayein chaar chaar baar ghooorkar jaate ho aap hamare uss tattoo yaa piercing ko!

Kya yehi sanskaar h aapke?

Ghooorna bandh kijiye. Namaste!

Sexiest slurs- ye bhi theek hai

Good girls shouldn’t expose so much skin

You can be pretty par zara weight kam hota toh….

Body Hair is gross, wax karwa liya karo

Oh, so by exposing skin, girls fall under the bad category.

Phir iss hisab se toh our renowned Selmon bhai has been the bad boy whose legacy has been passed on to all the actors!!


Toh yeh definition of “good” is gender-specific?

Tell me something, Agar skin exposure se aapko galat khyaal aate h,


Doesn’t that mean that your thoughts require some cleansing?

Aapke vichaar, aapki soch h jo har baat par galat taraf hi chalein jaate h,

Aap Soch badaliye, tabhi sahi aur galat ka faraq dikhega. 

Jaha tak aapke iss beauty standards waale gyaan ki baat h, mujhe yeh puchna h ki,

Sexiest slurs- ye bhi theek hai
Sexiest Slurs

Samjhe kya?

Aur aap kya keh rhein h, ki agar weight kam kr bhi dein aapki expectations ke hisab se toh aap kahenge acchi lag rhi ho beti?

Naa Robin naa,

Yeh sab doglapan hai!

Yeh kahenge, “Arre tum toh sookh kar lakdi bann gyi ho, pehle hi behtar lagti thi.”

 Jaha tak mujhe yaad h, every human being has a right to groom their bodies based on their comfort and preference.

Agar body hair feels gross to you, toh aap kripya karke apni aankhein bandh kr lein.

Dimaag toh pehle se hi bandh hoga.

Ek aur baat, aapki Body-Shaming ki dukaan yahin bandh kr dijiye aur aage badh jaaiye.

Shaadi ke baad toh tumhe dusre ghar jaana h

Now, I’m all in for traditions and cultural practices, but how insensitive have we become as a society to call women “Paraya dhan” right on their faces.

Agar ladki apne ghar reh jaaye toh usme burai kya h? Kabhi apne laadlon aur Raja beta ko bhi toh mehsus krne do ki ghar chodkar dusri jagah ko kaise apna ghar banate h.

Tab toh unhe apni maa ki yaad aane lagegi.

Iss soch ko zara alag nazariye se dekhiye,

Kahin aap apni betiyon ko uss dusre ghar ke liye taiiyar krte krte kahin unn se woh pyaar cheeen rhein ho.


The stereotypes that women come across are endless. Right from their priorities, decisions and ways of expression, women face criticism and judgements in every aspect. Policing them about their hair length, or giving them the damsel-in-distress treatment, sexism exists in various forms across sectors. These “sexiest slurs” often turn toxic and can cause great distress to women. In fact, one of the worst comments that women commonly face is about having their own opinions. But hey, “Ye bhi theek hai,” because who needs logic and respect when you can belittle someone based on their gender, right?

A woman need not be instructed about how she should behave, her choices about body and mind, or if her beauty standards are up to the mark. Give them respect to earn their respect and stop interfering in others’ lives. Peace out!