You aren’t Going to Find Spirituality on your Next Trip to a Beach or Mountains!


Before I even start with the most trending topic of the past years, “Spirituality,” give me a second to introduce myself. I am anything but a monk or spiritual Guru by profession! And I am nowhere close to this. I am just a person who loves to live in her head, writes occasionally, reads regularly, travels often, drinks coffee and minds my own business. What got me here is that “occasion” to write and talk about the topic of how to find spirituality. And I am not claiming that I have attained some sort of ‘spiritual level’ or I know it all. But if anything, I followed a journey of personal transformation over the years, all based on subjective experiences and psychological growth, not following any religion. 

Spirituality is not the physical enlightenment but the warmth in my smile. 

It is not in the way I talk to respond, but in the way, I listen.

It is not about being at a place but about how deeply I feel about the place.

find spirituality Ye Bhi Theek hai

Imagine a moment when you stood under a starlit sky and felt peace within. Or a time when you offered a helping hand to a stranger in need, and the warmth of connection you felt. Well, these are not isolated incidents but the spirituality you have experienced at the moment. Your connection with the world and with self, that stirs your soul, is spirituality. 

Spirituality is often mistaken to be associated with a visit to mountains or beaches. What I understood over the years is those are just the means to get alone and channel your energy to understand every bit of emotion inside you. You smile more while travelling, let go of more uncertainties as you would do sitting at home, and talk more to people than you would do at your workplace. Ever thought if it is the same person you carried then what changed your behaviour? And I am pretty sure your answer isn’t – spiritual transformation. It is you channelling your energy to stay happy and observe your surroundings. It is you giving yourself a chance to feel alive when you are out and soak every bit of your surroundings. 

If all of us are spiritual beings then let’s explore this intriguing idea that spirituality is not about being in a physical setup but an internal transformation that you go through every day with the choices you make and the journey you follow. 

Everyday Spirituality

Spirituality won’t be achieved sitting cross-legged in a forest or mountains. So let that picture be out of your mind! It is not even in the aesthetics or a certain kind of setup. However, if you want a certain kind of fragrance or lights around while sitting cross-legged and meditating, I would appreciate you slowing down and taking a moment for yourself. And while this isn’t spirituality, it will still make you take a moment from your day to meet your thoughts. 

When you ought to find spirituality, remember that it exists in a way you engage with the world, every day. The depth of your relationships, your connection with yourself, and honesty in the things you do and feel. While there are numerous ways to achieve this, I vouch for ‘Mindfulness.’  At its core, mindfulness encourages you to be present, to be fully aware of the current moment without judgment. It involves slowing down and noticing the little things around. 

‘Let It Be’ Approach

Did I just say, “Ye bhi theek hai?

Once you start being mindful, a profound feeling of ‘let it be ’ takes over; the concept of acceptance and non-resistance. Don’t try to change or control every aspect, emotion, and human around you. Accept what comes – the challenges, imperfections, and uncertainties. And you will emerge a winner in every situation. 

Subjective Experiences

I understand if at this point your concern is your experience being different from the other person who is on the same journey. To put it straight – Spirituality is deeply personal. It is based on subjective experiences and growth of individuals. And on your journey, you will have moments of clarity, confusion, a deep sense of the world around you, self-awareness, introspection, etc.

The idea is to embrace every experience without judgment. 

The depth of Feeling

The most spiritually enlightened people, the ones who have find spirituality, feel everything in depth! And no, they don’t get affected by it, but feel the emotion in depth. Let me take an example of Buddha as he is the most spiritual being we all know. Buddha after his enlightenment, has seen hungry, homeless, poor and people in all sorts of pain. He felt it all in his bones, but that didn’t make him go on a mission to ‘solve’ it for all! He smiled, passed his blessings and moved ahead. 

What’s in the smile? The kindness you extend to others and the love you share with the world.
What’s there in listening when you can’t solve it? The empathy and a sense of belongingness with the other person?
What’s in feeling them? Connection with the world, appreciation for what has been given and reverence for mere existence. 

find spirituality Ye Bhi Theek hai

The key to spirituality is already within you, embedded in your daily experiences. Approach life with mindfulness and with a smile, and you can embark on a path of personal transformation. I hope I was able to help you in some way. 

And remember, spirituality is not an abstract concept but a tangible living part of your everyday life. So, if you wish to find spirituality, let it be and you will meet the spirituality within you. 


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