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This was what came to my mind as I imagined the Hogwarts Express blowing steam, standing on Platform 93/4.  While I start taking you to this magical journey of Harry Potter Book Reviews, let me begin with the very beginning. The One where it all started.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone – As I read the title of the book lying in front of me, I was sure that my next few hours are going to fly off magically. 

However, what I was not aware of, something that shook me to the core, was that there was a difference of contrasts between the movie adaptation and the original literature of the series. 

Comparing the Book and the Movie Adaptation (A Potterhead Rant)

To start with, there was an entire build-up scene that had been omitted from the film! Can you believe it? Imagine watching the Avengers: Endgame directly without watching the preceding parts. Yes, it felt that bad! 

No mention of the unusual flying owls or the shooting stars. Nothing about Professor McGonagall seen by Vernon Dursley in her Animagus form at Privet Drive. Not to mention the missing dialogue by Hagrid that he had borrowed Young Sirius Black’s Motorcycle. 

Reading these initial scenes made me realize why the start of the film always felt a bit unusual; it was incomplete. 

I am a die-hard Potterhead. Hence, I had to have the knowledge of all the parts misinterpreted/incomplete in the movie adaptation. Hence, I decided to follow my book completion with the respective movie-watching. 

Beginning the Harry Potter Book Reviews with The Outburst of A Potterhead!

As I began comparing the scenes, it was not long that I was shouting to my homies about what was ‘wrong’ in the movie adaptation. It was an astonishment to believe that Dudley had a friend called Piers. He was just as mean as Dudley was to Harry Potter, however, wasn’t. 

While my sister, watched the glass of reptile box vanish and return back, and Dudley entrapped inside it, like a normal human being, I howled like a Hagrid; The glass never returns in the original book. 

If you find this amusing, I haven’t even started on the dialogue jumbles throughout the movie. 

Remember the scene where Harry says ‘Thank You’ to Hagrid for the birthday cake. In the original book, Harry had never received a present in his ten years with the Dursleys. Due to this, although Harry wanted to say Thank you, however, he couldn’t find his voice to say so after the sudden turn of events. 

The Charm Spell

How my Brain cells exploded to know that Harry acquires the knowledge of Hagrid’s expulsion from Hogwarts and about his Parents death right there at the hut in the sea, recovering from one shock to deal with another. 

My heart had had the affection similar to that of Mrs. Weaseley for ‘The Young, Little Harry’

However, I felt a warm feeling of pride as I imagined Harry enter the Ollivanders; to buy his very first wand. I envisioned a series of images with spells beaming out of wands, as I read Ollivander telling Harry, “I think we must expect great things from you, Mr. Potter…” – Harry Potter Book Reviews.

Does every Potterhead too feel the Goosebumps as I do at this moment? His Great Things… 

Wandering Through The Hogwarts!

Reading further, I felt myself float through the Common room where the Sorting hat placed the to-be wizards and witches in their houses, after careful consideration. The Great hall where Gryffindors gathered for their feasts, and Harry, Ron, and, Hermione sat by the fireplace. 

There were moving staircases and Paintings in which people moved. Not to forget that Hogwarts was the safest place Harry could be in. even safer than Gringotts! 

Then there was the Hogsmeade station where the students boarded and unboarded the Hogwarts Express!

The Magical Nights At Hogwarts

Harry, Ron, and Hermoine being placed in the Gryffindor house was the moment of the first Night at Hogwarts, not to forget Neville in the same house who is known for his brave heart. As understated as it is, for me Neville was the highlight of this part. In fact, he won my heart with his courage like that of a Brave Knight; always up for what is Right.

Neville earned ten points for standing up against his friends, trying to explain to them the consequences of their wrongdoing, and stopping the same. It won the Gryffindors their House Cup beating the Slytherins. There were two faces worth looking at, at this moment, Professor Snape and the notorious Draco Malfoy. 

The decorations changed to Scarlet replacing the Slytherin snake with Gryffindor Lion at a Swish of Dumbledore’s Wand. What a Magical Night it turned out!

The Satisfying Smile of Unforgettable Incidents!

Of course, there were a little over a zillion more changes (most of which were uncalled for) in the movie adaptation compared to the book. However, one thing that never changes is the Magical experience at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. 

Being a Muggle, I felt my nerves tickle as Harry Potter talked to the great Albus Dumbledore, found warmth when Hagrid was around. There was the same nervousness in my mind when Harry was stuck at a decision. 

I even felt the same strange sensation every time Snape… oops Professor Snape  (pointed by Sir Dumbledore to Harry, when Harry addresses Snape by his first name, in the book) stared at Harry with a feeling of hatred in his eyes. 

The Bid Adieu!

But as all things end well, the Dark Lord, we will take his name, Voldemort has been delayed from getting back to power. And Harry is received by the Dursleys at the station, as he waves goodbye to his friends, not for long though. 

As I return soon with my experience of the second book – Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets, you should try getting hands on the book for once. While I anxiously think of Harry’s confrontations with Dursleys, I sure know Harry has an advantage now. As Hagrid mentioned, the Dursleys have no idea that Magic is prohibited outside Hogwarts! 

We will be back soon with more of the entertaining Harry Potter stuff, everything that revolves around the Boy who Lived and his Friends. 

An exciting journey awaits for you with Ye Bhi Theek Hai

Hope you find some of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans to pop in for the time. 

Until then, Have a Magical Journey, Dear Muggle!


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