Does the Lockdown Bother Our Mothers? A mini-survey


If you are reading this on 8th March 2023, a very Happy Women’s Day to you. If you are reading this some other day, well, still wishing you the same. Because what day isn’t for women. We are not going to bore you any further with what the day is about and how great women, especially mothers are because we all know that already.

While 2023 and the years are going to be super amazing, we did have a major setback during lockdown years. To sail through that time, we needed some doses: doses of vaccination and positivity. And honestly, who better than our Mothers to find positivity. With this ray of hope, the team of Ye Bhi Theek Hai reached out to the mothers through a questionnaire. The objective was to know how much impact Lockdown has brought on the lives of these Goddesses on Earth. Let us see the same:

Getting rid of mothers saying “Saara kaam mai hi karu?”

We all are aware that the pandemic has brought huge structural changes in the corporates. They had to adapt to remote working and prepare their infrastructure overnight. What we might have missed in all this hassle is that the workplaces of our mothers also went through similar changes. Our Work from Home has successfully combined with Work for Home and the ladies are not alone now.

From our mini-survey, we found out that almost 77% of the mothers are not working alone and not doing the chores on their own. Also, around 49% say that they sometimes get help in the kitchen and a notable 28% agree that this was the norm even before the lockdown!

Isn’t that a beautiful feeling amidst all the chaos? 🙂

“Hum saath saath hain” in the Lockdown

 Lockdown has successfully brought back the Sooraj Barjatya vibes for the Indian families. Joint families are partying almost daily, every day feels like a festival. The children are always at home, husbands by their side, and everyone is helping out with the chores. This lockdown has brought families closer.

Forms response chart. Question title: Kya aapke bacche lockdown mein aapke jyada karib aaye hai esa mehsus hua hai?. Number of responses: 43 responses.

This intimacy is precious and is keeping all of us sane during such insane times. With that being said, are our mothers getting the me-time which they have been craving since they got married?

Apparently, it’s complicated!

Me-time or Mummy-time?

We all are home and around her but are we giving her what she needs apart from the house-help? Well, you better ask your mother personally. While hobbies and habits are a thing of the past for some mothers, some were able to revisit the joys during the lockdown.

Forms response chart. Question title: Lockdown ki Wajah se kya aapko apni "leisure activities" pasandeeda kaam jese kavita likhna, drawing banana, saheliyon se baat krne ka samay milne laga hai?. Number of responses: 43 responses.

You can just pray that your mother doesn’t belong to the red zone in the above pie chart. If you think that she does, here are some things you can do to ensure that your mother feels better. And why wait for the right time, do these today itself:

  • Make Breakfast in Bed for her
  • Show some effort by making a handmade gift
  • If you are a techie person, show some skills by making a creative video or collage. Parents love it.
  • Watch a movie with her. Maa and Cinema is a deadly combo.
  • If all of these look like time-taking, just play her some good songs. We have even curated a mother’s day playlist to your rescue.

Thank us later, kids.

Lockdown or not? Mothers: I really don’t care!

You and your sibling spend your time wondering who is the mother’s favourite. It is about time you move on and stop thinking that.

Forms response chart. Question title: Aapke parivaar se aapko lockdown mein adhik samay milne se mann se santushti aur mahol behtar lagta hai?. Number of responses: 43 responses.

These iron ladies either seem to be super-sarcastic or self-sufficient. And we hope this one answer is affected by the sarcastic instincts of the brown parents because there seems no end to the lockdown. We gotta stay in the houses and mothers don’t even care. Kya ye bhi theek hai? Kya itne bure hain hum maa? The nation wants to know. Seriously.


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