Alcoholic TEA: 9 Tea That Are Brewed And Blended With Alcohol


Welcome to the spirited realm where the elegance of tea dances with the audacity of alcohol – the intoxicating fusion known as Alcoholic TEA. In this enchanting concoction, traditional teas morph into vibrant elixirs. The rebranding of tea with alcohol is ma ma mia. Inviting you to embark on a journey where teacups meet cocktail shakers and flavours collide in delightful chaos. Sip your way through a world where the botanical notes of tea intertwine with the boldness of spirits, creating a coherence of taste that transcends the ordinary. Get ready to elevate your tea experience and indulge in the delightful madness of Alcoholic TEA.

“चाय पीना तो इक बहाना था

आरज़ू दिल की तर्जुमानी थी”

– ईमान क़ैसरानी 

1. Blackberry Gin & Smoked Lapsang Souchong

Muddle smoked blackberries with fragrant Lapsang tea leaves. Infuse gin overnight, strain, and serve in a smoky glass rimmed with black salt. Top with a blackberry garnish for a sweet-smoky punch. 

2. Boozy Chai Latte

Upgrade your classic chai latte by adding a splash of spiced rum or bourbon. It’s the cosy warmth of tea with a spirited kick – the perfect winter nightcap. 

3. Green Tea Mojito Madness

A fresh and tangy combination with the freshness of mint and lime with the antioxidants of green tea in a mojito. A revitalising and slightly caffeinated twist on the classic cocktail.

4. Earl Grey Martini Elegance

Infuse the sophistication of Earl Grey tea into a martini. Bergamot notes meet your favourite gin or vodka for a refined and aromatic sipping experience. 

5. Hibiscus Rosé Sangria

Transform your traditional sangria by incorporating hibiscus tea. The vibrant colour and floral notes complement the fruity goodness of your favourite rosé – a refreshing summer sip.

6. Lavender Lemon Drop Bliss

Take your lemon drop cocktail to the next level with a touch of lavender syrup. It’s a fragrant and zesty concoction that adds a hint of sophistication to your happy hour. 

7. Spicy Chai Old Fashioned

Infuse bourbon with cinnamon, ginger, and chai spices. Muddle a clove with orange, add the infused bourbon, sugar syrup, and bitters. Stir, strain over old monk rum, and top with a cardamom-infused cherry for a warm, exotic kick. 

8. Rose Petal Earl Grey & Lavender Vodka Sour

Steep Earl Grey with dried rose petals. Infuse vodka with lavender. Whip up a sour with the infused vodka, Earl Grey syrup, lemon juice, and a hint of egg white. Garnish with a lavender sprig and a sugar rim dusted with rose petals for a floral wonderland. 

9. Matcha Mojito with Edible Glitter

Blend fresh mint, lime, syrup, and matcha powder into a vibrant green mix. Top with soda, water, and rum. Rim the glass with edible gold glitter for a dazzling, earthy mojito experience. 


These are just springboards for your wild imagination! Experiment with different teas, spirits, ingredients, and presentation styles to create your crazy-creative tea-tastic concoctions. Whether it is your cutting chai or these experimental Alcoholic TEA one thing is essential: that is“chai bina chain kaha re”.

In the end “Ye Bhi Theek Hai”  to enjoy this tipsy transformation of our beloved tea. For the Alcoholic TEA lets Cheer to more adventures of Tempted TEAholic Tranquillity!

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