10 best places to celebrate Holi in India



So let us talk about how it is celebrated, The pageant majorly includes Holika Dahan (Bonfire) on the first night, followed using a pageant of colors on a subsequent day. However, specific regions of India rejoice in this incredible festival differently,

So let us talk about how is celebrated, The celebration of this festival majorly includes Holika Dahan (Bonfire) on the first night, followed using a festive color on a subsequent day. However, a specific region of India rejoices in this incredible festival differently, without further ado let’s have looked at the places where Holi is celebrated with great pomp.

Temple of Banke Bihari

holi at banke bihari vrindavan


Holi is celebrated in incredible gusto in Vrindavan where the temple is located where the people welcome the summer with great joy. The day before Holi people celebrate Phoolon vali Holi in which temple priest throwing colorful flowers on Devotees. 


lathmar barsana holi


Mathura is famous for Lathmar Holi.  Before the day of the Holi celebration, local women celebrate this day by hitting the men by the stick. People of Mathura believed that Lord Krishna visit the Barsana to play the Holi with Radha. Barsana is the only place where many temples of Radha were built by the people of Mathura.


Holi in Jaipur

Jaipur is also known as  “The pink city”. Holi is celebrated enthusiastically and differently by the people of Rajasthan. The festival runs from morning till evening. The people of the village perform their traditional dance. You can revel in Eleholi at the Eleday elephant sanctuary located near Amber Fort, in Jaipur. Come and enjoy the ride of beautifully decorated elephant on the day of Holi.

Shantiniketan Holi

Holi at shantiniketan

Basant Utsav is celebrated as Holi in West Bengal. Rabindranath Tagore a well-known Nobel Laureate, started this Basant Utsav at his University, Shantiniketan, Kolkata. This Holi is celebrated with music, colors, and with great joy by men and women and students of the University.

Hola Maholla

Holla Maholla


Punjab celebrated the Holi as “ Hola Maholla”. On this day they exhibit Kushti-Martial Art and shout their hearts out. On the night of Holi, they consume distinct kinds of sweets like Malpuas,  Halwa, Jalebi, etc.


Goa Holi


In Goa , Holi is a vital affair of the Konkani Spring Festival. People play the drums and throw colors on each other. Konkani people arranged their cultural events like dramas , folk dance , etc

Yaoshang Festival

Yaoshang Festival


This is the ancient festival of Manipur. It is a six-day festival and in these days people performed a folk dance with gulal and lit up the bonfire. Holi is the beginning of  Vaishnavism  in Manipur.


holi in delhi

The capital of India Delhi is known for its load celebration. People celebrate this festival with craziness. People dance to vibrant music the whole day and throw the color on each other. Delhi’s Holi is famous for Thandai a mixture of milk and dry fruits. 


Purulia holi


Basant festival conducted in Purulia district of West Bengal. They celebrate the Holi with Chau dance, darbari Jhummar, and Bengali songs. People from the outskirts of Purulia come to watch the special folk art presented by Villagers.


holi at hampi

South people are typically known for the peaceable Holi in Hampi. They enhance their temple with flowers and lit up the Diyas. The people of Hampi believe in Simplicity.

Till now, we know about the different cultures and different festivals but for exploring the cultures we have to travel. Yeah, it is fact that we can know about the place on the internet by just clicking but for the real experience, we have to go to that place. In our routine traveling is a necessary part. Culture frequently refers to the characteristics that are formed via language, history, geography, and family values.

So, if you have not done this yet, then go out and move your steps towards a new world and its diversity.




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