Witty Diwali Wishes Ye Bhi Theek hai

Witty Diwali Wishes That Will Get You Blocked In No Time!

Diwali, the festival of lights, is upon us, and it’s time to spread some cheer… or maybe a little mischief. If you’re tired of the same old ‘Happy Diwali’ texts and looking for something that will have your friends either rolling on the floor laughing or reaching for the ‘block’ button, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some Witty Diwali wishes or Funny Diwali Wishes that are so lit, they might just get you blocked!

Send one of these witty Diwali wishes and see the results

1. The Explosive Enthusiast

The Explosive Enthusiast - Witty Diwali Wishes - Yebhitheekhai
“May your Diwali be as loud and as bright as my aunt’s laughter—enough to set off the car alarms in the neighbourhood. Happy Diwali!”

Arre bhai, Diwali ke message mein itna shor? It’s like my phone turned into a patakha itself. Every time I read your message, I can hear my aunt’s laughter echoing in my head. Bhai, silence is also a form of celebration, samjhe? Blocking you for peace of mind, and ears!

2. The Diet Destroyer

Happy Diwali Wishes and Greetings for 2023 - Ye Bhi Theek Hai
“Here’s to a Diwali filled with so much mithai that even your stretchy pants beg for mercy. Sweet Diwali wishes!”

Dekho, we all know Diwali without mithai is like Bollywood without item songs, but yaar, tum toh hadh hi kar dete ho. Your wish just made my diet plans run for cover. Ab stretchy pants bhi surrender kar rahe hain. Block kar raha hoon, taaki at least phone toh slim rahe!

3. The Serial Forwarder

Happy Diwali Wishes, Images & Quotes - Ye Bhi Theek Hai
“May your Diwali be as original as the forwards you send me all year round. P.S. I’ve seen that meme 37 times.”

Har saal wahi purane forwards? Your Diwali wish is like that one remix song that keeps getting remade in every other movie. Originality ki bhi koi cheez hoti hai, dost. This time, I’m forwarding you… straight to my block list!

4. The Cash Burner

Diwali greetings - Ye Bhi Theek Hai
“Happy Diwali! May you spend so much on fireworks that you understand the true meaning of ‘money going up in smoke’.”

Haan, we get it, Diwali is expensive. But your message reminds me of my dwindling bank balance and that’s just cruel, yaar. It’s like watching my salary burn in a lavish aatishbazi display. Block karne mein hi samajhdari hai, savings ki toh izzat rahe.

5. The Bollywood Buff

Cute Funny Diwali Quotes & Funny Status Jokes with Images - Ye bhi theek hai
“May your Diwali be as dramatic and colourful as a Karan Johar movie climax, minus the family drama. Or maybe, just a little bit, for the spice.”

Tumhara message padhke toh mujhe apni life ek Karan Johar film lagne lagi. But honestly, itna drama toh main handle nahi kar sakta. I’m all for ‘It’s all about loving your friends,’ but kabhi kabhi, block button bhi zaroori hota hai, dost.

6. The Eternal Optimist

Happy Diwali 2023: Funny memes, wishes and messages ...Ye bhi theek hai
“May the light of Diwali lamps be as bright as your hopes of getting fit after binging on Diwali sweets. Dream on and a very Happy Diwali!”

Your Diwali wish is brighter than my future, bhai. It’s like you believe in my fitness goals more than I do. Par yeh optimism bhi na, sometimes it’s too much to digest, just like the Diwali ki mithai. Blocking for the sake of my non-existent six-pack.

7. The Social Media Star

Latest Funny Diwali Quotes, Jokes and Wishes In English - Ye bhi theek hai
“Happy Diwali! May your posts get more likes than there are stars in the sky or at least more than your friend’s vacation pics.”

Likes ke liye itna desperate? Your Diwali wish made me feel like I’m in a social media competition that I didn’t sign up for. Thoda toh real rehne do, yaar. Block kar raha hoon, kyunki sometimes offline interactions are the best, samjhe?

8. The Pessimistic Pal

Funny Diwali wishes Jokes and hilarious Messages in English - Ye bhi theek hai
“Here’s to a Diwali that’s hopefully better than the year we’ve had. Keep the expectations as low as the chances of finding a good parking spot during the sales.”

Bhai, Diwali is supposed to be about hope and happiness, not this ‘better than the crappy year’ vibe. Your message is like that one cloud on a sunny day. I’m all for keeping it real, but thoda positivity bhi zaroori hai. Blocking, because my Diwali needs to be more ‘diya’ and less ‘darkness.’

9. The Cryptic Confidant

Funny Diwali Wishes Status - Ye Bhi Theek  Hai
“May your Diwali be as mysterious and unpredictable as my last five text messages to you. Decode and enjoy!”

Tumhara message aaya and I felt like I was back in school trying to crack a code. Itna suspense Diwali wish mein? Bhai, simple and sweet bhi koi cheez hoti hai. Block kar raha hoon, kyunki puzzles solve karne ka time kisko hai?

10. The Reality Checker

Deepavali wishes to you . - Ye Bhi Theek Hai
“Happy Diwali! Let’s celebrate the victory of light over darkness, good over evil, and reality over Instagram filters.”

Instagram filters ki duniya se bahar nikalke your message hit me with the reality check of the century. It’s like you’re the friend who tells me I have palak stuck in my teeth when I’m trying to pose for a selfie. Appreciate the honesty, but thoda festival spirit bhi hona chahiye na? Blocking, but with respect!

Light It Up or Get Blocked!

So go ahead, send these out and see who can take a joke or who’s got their finger hovering over the block button. Either way, you’re guaranteed to make this Diwali unforgettable with our Witty Diwali Wishes! Just remember, it’s all in good fun. After all, ‘Ye Bhi Theek Hai!

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