The YBTH Podcast with Papaya

The YBTH Podcast: Period Talks with Papaya

In a world where empowerment & feminism have taken centre stage, one aspect still remains hidden from mainstream discussions: menstrual hygiene. This is where our amazing guest for the podcast comes in. Shagun Maheshwari & her team boldly take up these conversations and make it easy for women. She discussed the same in The YBTH Podcast.

We had the opportunity to connect with Shagun over our Podcast and did some “Period Talks with Papaya.” Listen to the entire podcast here.

Papaya, committed to empowering women and promoting menstrual wellness, has entered the stage with a mission that transcends profit. This is the story of Papaya-  a place where empowerment meets eco-friendliness in one epic, fun-filled adventure! 

The Visionaries Behind Papaya

Meet the trio behind Papaya: Shagun Maheshwari, Suhani Jalota, and Victoire. Their journey began with a question. Could they create a menstrual product that was comfortable, environmentally friendly and accessible to all?

A Personal Odyssey for Change

Shagun Maheshwari, a mechanical engineer from Mumbai, is passionate about menstrual health, sustainable development, and women’s empowerment. Her quest for the perfect menstrual product was no ordinary adventure. From her first period, she embarked on a relentless exploration of the market, hoping to find a solution that offers both comfort and sustainability. When she finally embraced menstrual cups as her top choice, she soon realised the challenges they posed for women, both inside and outside of her circle. Menstrual cups and tampons often seemed intimidating, while traditional pads raised environmental concerns, leaving many women in discomfort and health risks during their periods.

Determined not to compromise, Shagun took matters into her own hands. She conducted experiments at home, tested countless products, and immersed herself in research. Her mission was clear: craft a menstrual product that is eco-friendly, comfortable, and accessible to women from all walks of life.

The Birth of Papaya: Where Empowerment Takes Root

Papaya was not just an idea; it was a revolution in the making. Shagun’s path converged with the Myna Mahila Foundation, a non-governmental organisation dedicated to menstrual equity and health. Their partnership did more than provide a name and identity; it ignited a movement where she found the space to bring out her unique biodegradable pads as a better alternative to the existing ones in the market. 

At Papaya, they live by a single mantra: “You are Unstoppable.”

The YBTH Podcast: Period Talks with Papaya

It’s a reminder that periods should never hinder life’s journey. The brand’s mission goes beyond breaking barriers; it seeks to rewrite the narrative around menstrual health.

Empowering The Unbeatable Journey

The purpose of Papaya is to empower people. Shagun’s journey, which started when she was 23 and focused on finding sustainable menstrual hygiene solutions, is strongly embedded with this idea. She made her way through a variety of menstrual products, gradually realising the value of eco-friendly options. Papaya’s brand goes beyond catchphrases; it also aims to help people discover comfort and empowerment inside themselves, their bodies, and their lives. Papaya sees a future in which everyone may embrace their indomitable spirit, paving the way for a self-assured and empowered life journey.

Papaya is not just a brand; it’s a community, a movement, and a celebration of strength. The brand believes in embracing the best version of yourself while feeling comfortable in your own skin while maintaining your health. 

As Shagun says: “Empowerment can be about everyday choices and small things we do for ourselves, things that make us feel more comfortable in our skin which in turn helps us to find our voice.”

The YBTH Podcast: Period Talks with Papaya
“Cues Sia- Unstoppable in the BG” :)

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