The Art of Letting Go: Ye Bhi Theek Hai Philosophy

Picture this: How would your life be different if you let go of things and people that have already let you go? From relationships long gone, regrets, dead friendships, old grudges, and all the could’ve and should’ve.

I know! “The Art of Letting Go.” You have read at least a million articles and books and watched many YouTube videos on ‘Let go’ and open that ‘magical’ door to let light enter your life. I tried those too, in my early 20s- I listened to the ‘Mentors’, did meditation, forced myself to think positively, and chanted mantras. But honestly, I simply couldn’t give up on the idea of controlling and holding onto the past, and truly ‘letting go’. So yes, the concept is very delusional. 

My point is: The Art of Letting Go isn’t as straightforward as some “experts” claim. It is an ongoing process, just like life itself, and cannot be taught in any intellectual setting, in a book, or via a few minutes of video. I believe these sources can only ‘remind’ you that letting go brings a lot of power. But for the reminder, you need to learn the concept first. 

The more we hold to the things that distract us, slow us down, numb us, or infuriate us, the less we can expand the depth of our lives. 

As I’m writing this on a weekend evening, my mind seems intent on berating me over wasting time since morning. I should be more productive. It makes my chest tight and elevates my blood pressure. It hurts my focus. What does that mean?
It simply means that I haven’t learned yet (completely!) to let go of the past that I cannot change. And as long I don’t let it go, it will eat me away. 

So you and I are not different and holding on to something negative. The question is, what?

  • Is it anger?
  • Is it hate?
  • Is it pain?
  • Is it vengeance?
  • Is it regret?
  • Is it a failure?
  • Is it something you did?

A way of life that no longer make sense?

It can be the loss of a loved one or a betrayal from someone you loved. Or as simple as being chronically frustrated over not being productive as you think you should be. 

Why We don’t like to let go?

Probably we don’t like failure and are too comfortable with the feeling we are living in. In general, we humans as a species doesn’t like to let go – be it clinging onto the comfort of our house, our jobs or our relationships.

Putting it in the most simple psychological thought- “The Art of Letting Go.” The relative safety of the known territory makes us play safe and stay there. It is enough for us to live a relatively happy life in the way most people do. 

Sadly, playing safe will limit your growth. When you stay in your comfort zone for long, you simply don’t meet new challenges and grow. You don’t get seduced by what life has to offer, and teach you. It will be as if you are living in the past.

The amount of growth you’ll experience depends on the amount of uncertainty you can handle

The Art of Letting Go- ye bhi theek hai
‘Goodbye’ to life’s clingy exes, regrets, and bad haircuts!”

Even while doing the most boring of daily chores, practising the art of letting go is essential. It’s not something I’m excellent at, but surely learning well. And letting go doesn’t have to be sad. It counts as a great strength as it takes a lot of willpower. And this warrior wisdom is in the heart, not in the mind. So it’s a matter of listening to your heart, instead of following the mind’s fear of letting go.

Eventually, you will need to jump. Die to feel reborn and let go of things to grow and thrive. 

Let life takes its course – somebody will die, you’ll lose some money, friends decide to unfriend you, a relationship will break, you’ll have some conflicts with people, and you’ll be tricked. 

This is letting go the hard way. The ‘Life will teach you’ way. 

Eventually, life will teach you to let go of those things by taking them away. The moment you look in the mirror, cry, and say, “It’s not fair!”.

There is still a question to answer: How do I let go?

To be honest, I don’t have any wisdom here. You just let go by letting go. It all starts with the heart. 

The heart knows when to let go. The mind will make you avoid hearing your heart’s voice and will try to convince you of the opposite. And that’s where you meditate (daily!) – to listen to the internal voice and what you truly want. So, when your mind says, “No way, you can’t let go,” just give it a playful “ye bhi theek hai, mind, but I’m going to listen to my heart and trust the process!”

So tune in and set the frequency. Listen to your heart, and feed to develop your intuition.

The more you train yourself to follow your heart’s voice, the more you’ll manifest letting go. And it’s true! It is often more beautiful and expanded than your mind with its doom scenarios. 

It will always be perfect! It’s exactly what you’re looking for to grow.

Remember, letting go is the universe’s way of teaching you to trust life more.

And Just. Let. Go.

The bottom line is, “The Art of Letting Go” is a journey. You release the past, an identity, a habit, that person, or that regret. And learn to live with yourself again – despite whatever happened. When you free yourself from a burden, it opens you to receive all the more from life.

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4 thoughts on “The Art of Letting Go: Ye Bhi Theek Hai Philosophy”

  1. The soul does get destroyed while letting it go only to be reborn again with more energy.
    What a great article, waiting for more!

  2. I always let the things go but where, answer is to the GOD
    I trust in god and put ‘all the stress that i have’ on his shoulders.
    And then i say ”ye bhi thik hi ho rha h….”
    I always feel that all the things which arw happening in my life is planned by god and i might feel its bad for me but in long run it is fruitfull……This tried and tested ..

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