Sexual Intimacy- ye bhi theek hai

Exploring the Truths Behind Sexual Intimacy & Achieving Pleasurable Orgasms

There has been a consistent revolt against the woke-minded in every generation to bog down the most critical issues affecting individuals at large. The Orthodox teachings, narrow mindset, and unwilling attitude to acknowledge certain subjects, including sexual intimacy, seem widely prevalent. However, some bright spots have been visible with changing times and better communication.

Topics such as awareness of sexual anatomy, intimacy, achieving orgasms and sexual pleasure are some of the subjects that have gained the rightful fame and name in recent times. However, there is still much darkness that needs the light of acceptance and facts that need to be unveiled off the veil of wrong assumptions. 

Knowing a bit about the ‘Oohhs’ & ‘Ummnnhhhs’ 

Satisfaction is a subjective word. However, in every definition of satisfactory time, empathy, effort and education are involved. The same goes for sexual pleasure and satisfaction. If you are trying to give your partner a good time in bed, you must be willing to educate yourself through their guidance. 

Put in the necessary effort to empathise with the needs of your partner. It is the recipe of pleasure and sexual intimacy to gift your beloved while in bed. 

How do Sexual Intimacy and Orgasms go hand-in-hand? 

If you’re wondering what orgasms have to do with intimacy, your doubt is valid. Even without any form of intimacy, all the parties involved in the sexual act can come. However, sexual intimacy becomes more important when the term Pleasure comes into the picture. Intimacy in terms of sex comes with a mutual agreement to your partner’s needs and desires. 

A non-intimate orgasm might give you a satisfactory orgasm but minus the pleasure. When you are well-gelled on the frequency with your partner, that Woooahhh-nderful orgasm is what you get to cherish. 

Sexual Intimacy: An Unpopular Concept that Needs Empathetic Thinkers 

How would you define sexual intimacy? 

A connection? The feeling of safety and security? 

Well, for those who find sex and intimacy an alien concept, this piece here will give you an idea. In order to be intimate, you need to connect to your partner on a deeper level. It is possible only when you allow yourself to be vulnerable in front of your partner. 

Once you’re comfortable emotionally, you’ve stepped towards the first step to being intimate. Vulnerability helps build trust and trust brings closeness. Mutual respect for each other’s needs and boundaries comes next. However, all of these steps come true only with an empathetic mindset. 

Not only should one understand a partner’s needs and desires but also his/her own need for intimacy and how to fulfil it. 

Did you know… 

Simultaneous Orgasms are Not Necessarily Perfect Nor Common!

If you are hung up on the idea of simultaneous orgasms, you might be disappointed to know that they are not quite common and that is entirely normal. Yes, you heard that right! In fact, not orgasming at the same time gives you a chance to get more intimate sexually and make things spicier. 

Sexual Intimacy- ye bhi theek hai

Take it as an opportunity to please each other through the game of stimulation. Taking turns to work your partner up to climax builds a better connection. Maybe that’ll help you achieve that perfect manner and timing of orgasm for both of you. 

Everyone’s Orgasm experience differs!

Yes, you read that right! Although less talked about and even lesser researched, there are orgasmic experiences that would feel different to everyone. There can be levels to orgasms and there might be different types of orgasmic emotions felt by other individuals. 

It works the same way like everyone’s turn-on gets triggered differently. 

Sexual Intimacy- ye bhi theek hai

Some men feel the higher side of excitement while for some it is a relieving experience. For some, it is a fatigue feeling between waking up and about to fall asleep, but for others, it can feel like a pleasing, tickling sensation. Similarly, some women, find orgasming as an energy-draining and pleasurable experience. While for some, it might feel like a tingling sensation with its own set of highs and lows. 

Intercourse Does Not Equal Pleasure & Orgasm. 

Now comes the question of the century… 

What does sex mean to you? 

‘Orgasms & Penetration?’ 

For most people, the question straightaway brings intercourse into the picture. But, is this notion correct? Limiting sex to simply orgasms and penetrative actions is the commonly assumed incorrect notion. 

Sex is a wholesome experience that has several more important roles than just orgasms and penetration. While intercourse is a part of sex, it doesn’t necessarily make way for a pleasurable experience or an orgasm. If you can’t find a way to feel pleasure or orgasm in any other way, maybe it’s time to up your sexual intimacy game. 

Men don’t Necessarily Know to Control their Ejaculation. 

I don’t intend to comment on anyone’s willpower, but the average success rate of men not ejaculating when practising the ‘pull-out method’ is not higher than 80%.

If any of the men say otherwise, 
ye bhi theek hai

So if considering scientific facts, the pull-out method definitely risks pregnancy alongside the risk of STIs. 

Sex Does Not Need to end with Orgasm! 

If you’re still living under a rock; and believe sex ends with an orgasm by one and/or all the parties involved, you definitely need a mindset update. Studies reveal that cuddling gives an extra push to that pleasurable phase, especially for women. 

So for men who are looking to give their lady a special comfort zone, try cuddling the next time and not walk away to shower right after you orgasm

ye bhi theek hai

Also, communication about your experience and feelings in these moments can make your body and mind connect on deeper levels. 

Satisfaction & Pleasure over Fake Moans and Orgasms 

Say No to Fake orgasms because communication over confusion will make way for pleasure over dejection. There can be moments when you’re excited or with your most desired person but at the showtime, the curtains fall down!

Sexual Intimacy- ye bhi theek hai

Don’t worry, that happens more frequently with people worldwide than you can imagine—work pressure, emotional pressure or simply due to insecurities. 

Just take some breaths and communicate with your partner. Sometimes letting the truth out is the vent that might open the floodgates wide to reach the peak of satisfaction. There can be times when the whole process of sex feels too lengthy or exhausting. 

Remember, there are so many other ways to feel pleasure through foreplay. Finding the combination of techniques that work for you is the key. 

The Final Come-down

Are you in the mood for some pleasurable time in bed with your partner? Well, for making it worth a memory, focus on the parts that slowly and pleasurably take you toward the climax. And worry not if either of the parties involved comes before the showtime

There are so many more ways than just penetration to reach the ultimate come-down. A lot can be achieved if you’re sexually intimate and trust each other. 
Varying from gender to gender and personal choices some are – Kissing, fingering, rubbing, licking, teasing, jerking, blowing and so many more. Hoping you found a lot many of your answers in this piece. We will be back with some more to make your Ye Bhi Theek Hai days more creative and better.

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