Maggi at ₹193

Mehengi Maggi: Will You Eat Maggi at ₹193!?

Maggi is something that all Indians are familiar with. The beloved snack is a saviour for many college & PG students. Yeah, it can’t be cooked in 2-minutes, but perfection takes time, right? The reason maggi is a favoured snack is because of the taste. How do I tell you? The taste of maggi is just right. But, what is not right is maggi at ₹193.

On 16th July, an Indian Youtuber & entrepreneur, Sejal Sud, bought maggi for almost 200 rupees!

I can’t do the math right, but maggi at ₹193 is a lot!!

The Youtuber was sitting in an international airport for 2 hours & she got hungry. And, that’s how she ended up having maggi at ₹193. Many people under the tweet told her that the reason maggi costs too high at airports is because of the transportation & maintenance costs. Some people sided with her & just made fun of the situation.

Maggi at ₹193 Ka Raaz?

What is the reason that the Youtuber bought maggi at ₹193? There were many people who were making fun of the Youtuber. However, some were just explaining the basics of this maggi gamble. The maintenance cost for airport goods is indeed higher than anywhere else. Therefore, any item (even maggi) that costs mere 30 rupees ends up costing more than that at the airport. 

Under the tweet of Sejal Sud, some people commented that it’s because of the privatization of the airports that the costs are unreasonably high. While some also explained that the cafe owner has to pay a deposit to set up the place. Moreover, the cafe owner has to pay the rent for the cafe. Besides, there are also tax amounts that increase the amount of any food item that’s purchased.

Why Buy It Then?

As she explained in one of her replies, she bought the maggi because she was hungry. It doesn’t look like there is much to it other than that. All the people who were calling her a show-off do not know the whole picture. Maybe the prices of other food items were more costly. Maybe she just craved maggi. There could be many reasons. As long as her hunger was satiated, she must’ve thought, Ye Bhi Theek Hai.

Meanwhile, maggi prices be like: आज मैं ऊपर, आसमां नीचे!

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