Growing Obsession With Sher, Ghazals And Sufi

उन के देखे से जो आ जाती है मुँह पर रौनक़ 

वो समझते हैं कि बीमार का हाल अच्छा है

A beautiful sher by Mirza Ghalib. Who can resist such an epic genre which deeply connects us with our thoughts and feelings? 

Heart wants love, the mind wants success and the soul wants peace. Poetries are a great way of bringing absolute peace to our soul. These shayari’s have majorly evolved over a period of time into short, simple and sweet ones. Our growing obsession with poetries and Sufi highly indicates our rising need to feel ourselves again. Poetries convey our complex feelings and emotions in much simpler and understandable terms. 

When talking about modern poetries and these tend to be more concise, well-written in a few lines and straightforward to the point. They make us think. Nowadays, many poems are skimmed in cafes and restaurants and their lines are understandable by anyone in moments. Due to the rising interests of people in Sher Ghazals And Sufi, organizing Sufi nights has become the center of live music today. 

The beauty of sufi poetry adds a fascinating experience to its admirers. 

History has recognized some really great Urdu Sher Ghazals And Sufi poets- Qutub Shah, Nazir, Mir, Aatish, Zauq, Zafar, Ghalib & Hali and many more. Talking about its literary form, it has a deep association with the Persian language, but it can also flourish in various other languages like Arabic, Turkish, Malay etc. 

Increasing reach through social media platforms

Reading and reciting poems and Sufiana Kalams has been loved for generations. This makes them feel more connected. Social media acts as a tool to self-publish their poetry collection. It allows various poets to reach their target audience across the globe and develop an enthusiastic poetry community. 

Using social media platforms is the best way to promote self and others. This creates a virtual poetic community and sharing of poetic thoughts and ideas becomes more accessible to everyone. 

If you are a tea lover and would want some heart melting shayaris , ye bhi theek hai!

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